Europa Universalis: Rome

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  • Sweeping scope.
  • Family politics.
  • Impressive level of detail.


  • Poor user interface.
  • Army management and movement problems.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameZone on 83

This is a difficult game to rate. Ratings are mostly subjective in nature; while certain criteria can be judged, in the end it boils down to individual taste. I think this is a great game, it has wonderful features and the strategy is solid. Paradox...

By Games Radar on 80

Europa Universalis: Rome is so lean and tooltippy, you may not need to open the manual at all. Within an hour of completing the ten minutes-worth of tutorials we’d doubled the size of Macedonia, negotiated our first peace treaty, and purged our...

By Strategy Informer on 82

Like the previous titles in the franchise you can choose from a number of nations across the known world, well the known world back in the day of Caesar anyway. After you’ve decided which empire or peoples shall be graced by your charismatic...

By 1Up on 63

Paradox giveth, and Paradox taketh away. This time, the publisher-developer gives us an ancient Roman sandbox, built from Europa Universalis III's 3D engine and driven by Crusader Kings' character-management system. Europa Universalis: Rome...

By GameSpy on 60

"For want of a nail, the shoe was lost..." begins the old nursery rhyme that ends with the fall of an entire kingdom. Its a rhyme thats often been used to explain the concept of alternative history in which small changes play out very differently in...

By Cheat Code Central on 68

Europa Universalis: Rome is a mix of genres, and I loath to use the term real-time strategy since that elicits images of action-style games, of which Europa Universalis: Rome certainly is not - despite the battle components. Europa Universalis: Rome...

By IGN Gear on 87

If you know us at all, you know that were excited about tomorrows release of Europa Universalis: Rome. The venerable high-level real time empire game is finally embracing an ancient setting and we couldnt be happier about the prospect. Weve spent...

International Review By Gamereactor on 70

Han kom, han såg, han fick tokstryk av krigiska barbarer. Petter Mårtensson har testat livet som romersk...

International Review By on 60

Svenska Paradox Interactive har släppt den fjärde delen i Europa Universalis-serien. Denna gång får vi följa med och hälsa på romarrikets uppkomst och storhetstid men även dess undergång om du inte sköter dina kort rätt. För er som inte känner till...

International Review By Subdogs on 80

Europa universalis är svenska Paradox flaggskepp, en serie med bråddjupa historiska strategispel som har fått en fanatisk skara fans runt jorden. Den senaste titeln heter EU Rome men snarare än ett helt nytt spel är det en förfinad variant på Europa...

International Review By GamePlayer on 70

Det här är lite som Wes Anderson-filmer. Han har liksom hittat knepet, och varje film han gjort och kommer att göra är förutbestämd att bli hur bra som helst. Det är nästan tråkigt förutsägbart....

International Review By Clubic on

Au départ très proche du jeu de plateau éponyme, la série des Europa Universalis sest au fil des versions de plus en plus éloignée de son modèle. Elle a dans le même temps conquis un public toujours plus large et sest imposée comme LA référence en...