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By Gaming Age on 80

Event [0] is one of those games that isn't for everyone, and in most circumstances would've been a game even I passed on. It may be on the short side, but in a world where sometimes games are in an abundance, short may be just want you need. I would...

By on 75

Editor's note: Due to a technical issue, this article displays the name of the game using curly brackets, rather than square brackets as should be the case. The correct stylization of the name can be found in the article headline. You can read...

By ImpulseGamer on 80

If an AI exists in the middle of space and you are the only one to witness it... does it really...

By on 90

Having recently finished Ocelot Society's debut title, Event[0], we wanted to share our opinion of the game for those interested in picking it up. Is it worth your time?StoryThe game begins as you answer several questions about yourself in order to...

By DarkZero on 70

Let's open this one up with a warning; writing about this game is going to be a struggle without giving too much away, so feel free to head on down to the TL:DR (Too Long Didn't Read) section for a spoiler free review.Event[0] is a game about building a...

By PC Gamer on 74

An imaginative, atmospheric, and cleverly designed sci-fi adventure that's over far too...

By GameZone on

Event [0] is somewhere in between run of the mill and unique, the unique gameplay and wonderful setting is what sets Event [0] apart. It has its faults but it is a well-written game, especially when it comes to the dialogue between the protagonist and...

International Review By on

Для комфортной игры в Event[0] необходим системный блок с восемью гигабайтами оперативной памяти и видеокартой оснащенной шестью гигабайтами набортной памяти. Игра предъявила повышенные требования к графической подсистеме. Если в разрешении 1920 х...