Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues

  • Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues
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  • Hysterical writing and voice acting.
  • Quests, weapons, and other facets have a humorous, surreal edge.
  • Lots of interesting secrets to discover.


  • Distracting technical and visual flaws.
  • A handful of bugs, including a pesky fast-travel crash issue.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 95

I wasn’t that impressed by the previous two DLC packs for Fallout: New Vegas. I loved the main game, but both Dead Money and Honest Hearts felt decidedly lacking. Consequently the latest DLC, Old World Blues, had to do a hell of a lot to impress...

By Game Observer on 76

Really, you can get a good six to eight hours of gameplay out of this DLC if you’re a good explorer and genuinely interested in completing all the tasks given to you. This is a healthy lifespan for a 800 point DLC, actually much healthier than some...

By NZGamer on 90

Old World Blues is the latest downloadable content (DLC) that’s just been released for Fallout: New Vegas, the hit Fallout 3 sequel. But after critics and fans gave pretty lukewarm responses to the first two DLC packages, Bethesda really had to...

By GameSpot on 85

The fun and funny Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues gushes personality and is the game's best add-on yet....

By PC Advisor on 90

New Vegas' best add-on yet offers absolutely hilarious writing plus tons of sidequests and secrets to uncover, though the limited enemy types do get repetitive....

By GameSpy on 90

Pros: Laugh-out-loud funny dialogue; classic 1950s pulp sci-fi storyline; challenging enemies; cool new weapons.

Cons: A handful of bugs, including a pesky fast-travel crash issue.

By AtomicGamer on 90

If you're looking for smart, funny, exciting new gameplay this summer, you don't have to run down to GameStop to find it. Get on Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live Arcade and pick up the Old World Blues DLC for Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New...

By IGN Gear on 80

After playing Dead Money and Honest Hearts, Old World Blues was a great surprise. Sure, the gameplay formula is typical Fallout -- fetch quests, exploration, killing, and moral decision making -- but it’s wrapped in a genuinely humorous package....

International Review By FZ.se on 80

Old World Blues är det senaste nedladdningsbara tillägget till Fallout: New Vegas, och förmodligen det originellaste. Åtminstone helt klart det allra bisarraste. Den första konversation jag har i spelet ramlar ganska snart in...

International Review By Gamereactor on 70

Videnskabens udvikling har været en af de mest interessante historiske udviklinger igennem de sidste 100 år. Ikke mindst i videnskabsindustriens guldalder i 50'erne og 60'ernes USA, der på grund af kold krig, rumkapløb og...