• Flock
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  • Plenty of variety.
  • Smart puzzles are satisfying to solve.
  • Great style and vibe.


  • Annoying pathfinding issues.
  • No online multiplayer.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 80

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By VideoGamer on 60

Initially good fun, Looks great, Can be finished in an afternoon, Irritating gameplay...

By GameSpot on 70

Corralling livestock is a fun new way to solve puzzles, but some agitating quirks will push the impatient away....

By cnet on 70

You can diminish almost any game to a laughably low level by reducing it to its bare essentials: Harvest Moons focus is manual labor, Brain Age is portable homework, and Animal Crossing is about paying rent. These games defy their lame concepts and...

By Games Radar on 80

A generous sprinkling of Lemmings and a dash of LittleBigPlanet go a long way to making Flock! one of the trickiest and most charming downloadable games out there. As with all great puzzlers, the premise is simple, yet completing each level is...