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  • Hundreds of different challenges and career races.
  • Cool vistas and weather effects.
  • Some of the courses are clever and satisfying.


  • A big open world with too little to do.
  • AI doesn't play by the rules.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Game Observer on 78

It’s the summary of all these elements that uncovers the bitter truth. The game is not good or even tolerable at everything the developers had promised us it would be. We got an absolutely different product, definitely not Codemasters-styled,...

By Tech Olive on 60

When it comes to PC racing games, Codemasters has managed to steal the spotlight from EA over the past few years, with fantastic titles like GRID and DiRT. Today, we get to see if FUEL can measure up to Codemasters’ previous titles.With the huge...

By NowGamer on 42

Fuels biggest problem is that balancing out the good and bad, (the huge world is certainly an achievement despite its disjointed execution, as is the variety of events) you’re left with a decidedly average experience. We rarely felt much of a...

By IGN Gear on 51

Codemasters has long been churning out strong racing titles, but recently it has started hitting the big time with releases such as Dirt and Grid. While we eagerly await to see what Dirt 2 has in store for us, were given Fuel as something to tide us...

By cnet on 60

Fuel is an ambitious game that tries to do a lot, but it doesnt deliver where it counts. Theres a lot to like in this postapocalyptic, open-world driving game. Some of the races are cool and clever, there are a mind-boggling number of different...

By GameSpot on 60

This expansive arcade racer may be ambitious, but it doesnt nail all of the basics....

By Games Radar on 70

If you know anything about Fuel, you’ll know exactly what you want to do first: grab a buggy and strike out north until you can’t head north any more. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting how many thousands of square kilometers the racer...

By V3.co.uk on 60

The idea of an open-world racer is not a new one. Several recent games, including the excellent Burnout Paradise, have offered similar worlds with no set routes, in which players can drive around to find new places to race.Fuel promises 5,000 square...

By Good Gear Guide on 80

An intriguing take on the classic arcade racer formula, there’s no doubt that Fuel is an absolute blast as a racing game, but it won’t make you forget other recent rubber-burning release from Burnout: Paradise to Pure....

By Expert Reviews on 100

Verdict: A huge, open world to explore with highly addictive racing. The best arcade-style driving game in years. Fuel is a racing game set in a dystopian future in which climate change has wreaked environmental havoc. The irony of this situation...

International Review By Klikk on 67

Fuel er et bilspill noe utenom det vanlige. I stedet for å gi oss den ene banen etter den andre, der du konkurrerer om å ta den gjeveste medaljen, blir vi i stedet kastet ut i en helt enorm sandkasse. Spillet er et sammensurium av forskjellige...

International Review By Smartson on

Fuel erbjuder offroadracing i en otroligt stor spelvärld. Testarna uppskattar grafiken, men innehållet och körkänslan får tydlig...

International Review By Gamereactor on 60

Jo større, jo bedre hedder det. Men det gælder ikke altid. Codemasters nyeste racingspil har allerede fået plads i Guiness Rekordbog for at have den største spilverden i noget spil.Og det er en velfortjent placering, for Fuel er...

International Review By Subdogs on 60

Storslaget men avslaget Den brittiska utvecklaren Codemasters är en veteran i genren racingspel. Med serier som TOCA, GRID och DIRT bakom sig så undrar man när de ska få slut på ord med fyra bokstäver. Denna gång...