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  • You get exactly what you pay for - playing a goat.
  • Fun to play.
  • Easy to lose yourself and think you’re a goat.


  • Small map size.
  • Command key issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCGamer on 30

Because look at the funny goat! Haha! It's doing absurd things not normally attributed to a goat! Haha! And it's got ragdoll physics in it! Haha! Look at the goat! The funny goat! Hahahaha!

By PCWorld on 80

Sure, it's dumb. Sure, it's short. Sure, it's just a physics engine with a goat. But Goat Simulator is also made of pure laughter and joy.

By IGN on 80

It’s a clever interactive spoof of all the broken game physics we’ve seen in open worlds – almost like a greatest hits album of all the ridiculous bugs that pop up in serious games like Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed, except embraced and celebrated in a world that’s made to be broken.

By EuroGamer on 70

It's rough around the edges, and amuses only for a short but sweet time, which may lead some to look askance at the price tag. Yet there are plenty of games which cost more and entertain far less, so while Goat Simulator is a joke, it's at least one in which the player is a willing participant. No kidding.

By TheEscapist on 65

It's funny the first time, but there's just not much there beyond the one big goof.

By TechGeek on 82

Goat Simulator deserves some sort of award for being the best farmyard-related animal simulator for the year. In fact, I go so far in declaring it GOTY - or, Goat of the Year.

By DigitalChumps on 90

There’s enough to explore and discover to keep you occupied for days, and even more secrets are popping up in videos online every day. For a $10 game that was developed over the course of a few weeks, Goat Simulator is destined to be a huge success and an internet phenomenon. Add in the fact that Steam Workshop is supported, and you’ve got a game that will continue...

By Gearburn on 90

Great fun, in short bursts. Can be completed in a few hours, but still worth the money. The controls are wonky, but just pretend the goat is a small four-wheel drive vehicle. I loved the music, I thought the wacky animations and graphics suited the game perfectly, and I hold farm-yard animal sims in high regards. Roll on Cow Simulator.

By Techulator on 85

Goat Simulator, however, is a really serious operation. It might look like that seriousness is the last thing they would had in mind while broaching an idea for this game, believe it or not, they are serious about this project. So when the said that they are going to simulate a goat in real life and copy every pattern, they are going to do it.

By ZedGamesAU on 90

A ridiculous number of YouTube videos already exist, and just sitting down a new player for their first go is fun. It’s a single-player game, but you’ll want to get your friends over to make them try this crazy thing, and that’s worth as much as replayability or longevity or making even the slightest bit of sense.