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  • Love writes impeccable prose.
  • Interesting new features including the ability to "preview" your decisions.
  • Lush soundtrack composed by Isaac Clarke.


  • Potentially impenetrable plot if you skipped playing Analogue: A Hate Story.
  • Clunky scrolling.

Expert reviews and ratings

By EuroGamer on 80

As usual, Love's eye for a scandalous and knowing wink at gender relations forms an enjoyable, coherent journey through well-rounded characters' lives. If Hate Plus has a downside, it's that you will have to put aside time to read things for three days. But the upside is that you get to read Christine Love's stories for three days, have your cake, and eat it as well.

By CalmDownTown on 92

Hate Plus is a distinctive and compelling narrative work. The combination of nonlinear storytelling, real-time mechanics, and a truly impressive degree of branching and reactivity allow for an experience unique to each player, even as the essential structure remains the same. A worthy successor to Analogue that improves on the original in every way. And it comes with a delicious cake*!

By VNsNow! on 90

After the final play through of Hate Plus, I felt completely satisfied. While I won’t complain if Christine Love decides to revisit this world, all of my questions have been answered and answered well. This is a well told story of the fall of a society that is stunningly familiar and in the Death, Renewal and Final Destruction of the Mugunghwa I can see the possible fate of the West.

By GameSparked on 90

In many ways, it seems like Hate Plus should alienate your “average gamer.” However, it creates an incredibly strong narrative. The writing is excellent, enough so that you can really feel for the characters. And with multiple endings, you can return after beating it once to retrieve new understandings of certain events.

By TechHive on 60

Love is a fantastic writer, but she wrote herself into a corner with Hate Plus by revisiting a story that already attained closure. I can’t wait to leave the Mugunghwa behind me for real next time; let those ghosts stay ghosts.

By BlisteredThumbs on 70

When it comes to my recommendation, I find myself in an unusual predicament. The game does not stand on its own, but it is a fitting coda to a title that I implore everyone to try. I suppose that is the curse of setting such a high bar for your work. Analogue: A Hate Story left me emotionally shattered, but its sequel only leaves me satisfied. There are worse problems to have.

By TechnologyTell on 90

My only regret is that I won’t be able to play through each of my completed save files immediately due to other commitments, and have only the time to go through my harem save from Analogue: A Hate Story. Love is a master storyteller, and Hate Plus continues to prove her prowess.

By RegretZero on 100

The story’s so well written, so unbelievably well written, it feels real; for the time you’re playing, everything in this world exists, or existed at one point… and that’s nothing short of incredible. I just CANNOT convey with words how vivid and completely amazing this game is… you know what I wanted to do after playing it?...

International Review By Eurogamer on 80

Love Conquers All... Et velkendt ordsprog fra den romerske poet Virgil, der giver udtryk for, at kærligheden kan overvinde alle hindringer, så længe man tror på den. Et budskab, der i den grad beskriver forfatter og spiludvikler...