• Insurgency
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  • Thoughtful shooting.
  • A true test of skill vs. skill.
  • Lots of customization.


  • Can't save loadouts.
  • Bizarre hitboxes.

Expert reviews and ratings

By New Game Network on 73

A straightforward but largely well executed tactical shooter that stands out thanks to intense firefights and relative...

By GameSpot on 70

The team dynamic and unique squad system inject something different into the mix too, offering match after match of absorbing cooperative killing that proves good looks aren't everything.

By HardcoreGamer on 80

If you’re sick of the run and gun nature of Call of Duty but find the simulation aspects of something like Arma a bit too daunting, Insurgency is the perfect middle ground, and a supremely enjoyable multiplayer experience.

By IGN on 75

It’s impressive how “uncool” Insurgency is, in that it ignores the modern shooter trends. It’s slow, and methodical, and there isn’t a grindable unlock or weapon crate to be found. It attempts to make you think about every step you take and every slight weapon tweak, but the odd hitboxes and frustrating lack of saved loadouts undermines some of the good work.

By PCGamer on 77

They duck, they flank you, they kill you, and it's so much fun. And as with so much else about Insurgency, it's fun that's borne out of the rewards of working with other players and saving them so you can capture that all-important node or destroy a weapons cache. If it's cruel, it's only to be kind.

By GameSpot on

Another military online shooter? Don't groan and roll your eyes just yet. Despite being a stand-alone update on a seven-year-old Half-Life 2 mod, Insurgency's freshness runs deeper than its familiar urban warfare settings and "good guys vs. the terrorist...

By TheGamersPad on 90

Insurgency approach to realism and raw combat creates some of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences online. This is tactical shooter done right.

By HookedGamers on 90

Insurgency is a breath of fresh air and I can easily see myself playing it every chance I get. Thanks in advance for ruining the next few months for me. This game has me hooked and I see it as a proudly raised middle finger in the face of large developers who seem to completely ignore fairness and player equality in favour of potential income.

By VentureBeat on 75

Sure, it doesn’t have the flash that most shooters proudly throw at your face these days, but Insurgency’s quieter, more realistic, and tenser take on modern warfare deserves a look, especially if you’re tired of instant knife kills and exploding buildings.

By PixelVolt on 65

I’d still say it’s worth the money-as long as you yearn the days of one-spawn-per-round, fast and furious yore, or desire a more methodical shooter than Battlefield/Call of Duty. If not, you’d best stick to more modern, polished shooters, unless you want to break your keyboard in frustration.

By Softpedia on 80

Insurgency is a tough but fair multiplayer first-person shooter. Those who liked the original mod will find a lot of value in the game, while those looking for a challenge of their skills have enough to enjoy here. There's still a lot of room for improvement, but lots of updates and new content have already been promised by New World Interactive.

By Gizorama on 70

I do find it unfortunate that nothing interesting could be done with the maps, and that cooperative mode was not as functional as I would have liked it to be, but if you are solely interested in playing against other players, then this would be a game to look at.

By NoobFeed on 75

Unfortunately, Insurgency's solid attempt at making a realistic combat based FPS is overshadowed by yet another game that does little for the genre but spit up that which has already been done. The game is entertaining, but Insurgency lacks that punch that makes players enthusiastic about a multiplayer game, insisting that everyone join in on the action.

International Review By zeden.net on 80

Si par son aspect tactique et réaliste Insurgency est assurément un jeu de niche, il n'en demeure pas moins qu'il propose de bonnes sensations. Chaque balle étant mortelle, vous apprendrez vite à apprivoiser son gameplay très punitif en adoptant...

International Review By in.ign.com on 75

It's impressive how “uncool” Insurgency is, in that it ignores the modern shooter trends. It's slow, and methodical, and there isn't a grindable unlock or weapon crate to be found. It attempts to make you think about every step you take and every slight...