• Jazzpunk
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  • Very funny.
  • Lots of variety in its minigames.
  • Loads of clever references.


  • Not much replay value.
  • I wanted more.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 80

A little expensive for such a short game, but Jazzpunk's brilliantly bizarre humour and off-the-wall ideas are worth the...

By GameSpot on 70

Quirky humor and an abundance of outrageous antics keep things buoyant through much of the short but flawed journey. Jazzpunk is an enthusiastic attempt to answer the question of just how much weirdness you can possibly cram into a few hours of gaming. In that endeavor, at least, it's a great achievement.

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Not loving Jazzpunk is as difficult as classifying it. Few games are this confidently weird, and even fewer manage to pull off anything even resembling humour. If you’re looking to laugh a lot, and maybe even think about stuff just a little bit, give it a play.

By New Game Network on 68

Good for a quick laugh, but not much more than that. If you value an evening's entertainment over having a significant chunk of your spare time eaten up, Jazzpunk is for...

By GameSpot on

The promise of getting deluged by weirdness awaits your every move in Jazzpunk, a cartoony cyberpunk first-person adventure that attempts to shoehorn as many perplexing and hilarious moments as possible into its meager two-hour length. This off-the-wall...

By EuroGamer on 90

And one day I just clicked on it and I've never stopped being confused and amazed at it. It's a spectacle, a gonzo dream where I am sure, quite sure, I met Hunter S Thompson three times. Or was it three Hunter S Thompsons? Who can be sure? Who can really be sure of anything these days? Don't make me give a score. Don't make me give a sc--

By GameInformer on 65

It's more than enough time to be submerged in JazzPunk's style of humor, and the poor production values ensured I was ready for air by the time credits roll. Play it for the novelty and the rapid-fire assault of jokes, but don't be surprised if most of them miss the mark.

By PCGamer on 92

That Jazzpunk so frequently caused me to laugh is a sign that it's a great comedy. That, days later, I'm still desperately fighting the urge to blurt out its best moments is a sign that it's a remarkable, unique and lasting one too.

By Polygon on 80

Jazzpunk doesn't aspire to be an excellent shooter or platformer. Instead, it aspires to and succeeds in having a great conversation with the player.

By Destructoid on 70

If you're not the type of person who likes to roam around miniature sandboxes and locate every single hidden secret, Jazzpunk may not be for you. But for everyone else, you'll revel in the ability to play a completely missable game of Fruit Ninja with Jim Sterling.

By StrategyInformer on 70

Adults will appreciate the more clever references and gags though. In fact I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like this game, but while I’m excited for the internet to get at it so I can find out what I missed, at two hours long many people might find it hard to justify a purchase. Just keep the meter running, I’ll be right back.

By TwInfinite on 100

So, what is Jazzpunk? It’s style, jazz, pizzazz, music, and fun. It’s an adventure game unlike any other with a look’n'feel that, while simplistic, explodes with color and life. Mixed together with a perfect musical background, caricature-like voiceovers, and that perfect spy vibe, and you get Jazzpunk: comedy, adventure, and a great time.

By GGSGamer on 90

Jazzpunk may have a handful of suggestive jokes, but they’re very mild. The humor in the games is right around where Adult Swim is. Those in their young teens and older will enjoy this game and no innocence will be lost.

By IGN on 70

Jazzpunk sets out to makes us laugh, and unless you're the sort of person who can't appreciate a well-executed fart joke, there's a good chance it'll do just that. It starts out strong with dozens of hidden gags hidden among the scenery, but unfortunately it loses its momentum once minigames start to dominate its three-hour running time.

By Digital Trends on 100

Jazzpunk feels like the video game love child of an unholy union between Family Guy and Sun Ra. It's a lo-fi comedy adventure that emphasizes absurd humor as your sole gameplay reward. There's no unlock system, no character progression, no dangling...

International Review By Eurogamer on 80

Jazzpunk er et besynderligt spil. En af den slags spil, man kan sætte nok så mange ord på, men hvis essens man først rigtig forstår, når man selv har spillet sig igennem. Alligevel gør vi forsøget, dette for at hylde, men også opfordre alle til at prøve...