Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition




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By GamingShogun on 80

It is easy for people to forget that role-playing games owe their popularity to a bunch of guys playing in their basement with character sheets, books fulls of monsters, and a handful of funny-looking dice. Guys like me. You are welcome . We would spend...

By Strategy Informer on 70

The best role-playing games are often the ones that don’t take themselves *too* seriously. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition is one such game. Starting life on mobile platforms, this quirky little RPG experience has been given a boost and ported over...

By GameZone on

Dungeons & Dragons has always been something I showed interest in, yet I've never actually been a part of it. To me, D&D is this foreign experience where acting and speaking like your chosen character is not only common, but recommended. Rescuing...

By on

In the first (but not the last) bit of meta commentary on role-playing, you make up a party of people playing a game of D&D, picking their real-life background (such as the Hipster, Gamer, Little Brother, Grandmother) as well as their in-game character...

By on

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition players differently than most RPGs. It's still a turn-based adventure, set in a fantasy world, with an epic quest to eventually save the world, but proceeds in a manner akin to a tabletop RPG. That means players aren't...