• Knock-Knock
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  • Terrific art.
  • Unnerving sounds.
  • Disgusting monsters.


  • Unclear rules.
  • Failure is boring.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 90

There are moments in certain games that have you questioning your own sanity, let alone the sanity of the developers who made the game in the first place. Knock-Knock is one such game. Born from the pages of Kickstarter, the Russian development team of...

By IGN on 62

Great horror stories are many things, but tedious isn’t on the list, and that’s exactly the feeling that’s born of Knock-Knock’s inability to explain itself. A game that doesn’t tell us how to play and has no consistent rules is a frustrating experience, no matter how eerily beautiful it is. Knock-Knock’s confusing mechanics give little reason to answer the door.

By PasteMag on 70

Whether or not you become frustrated with how the game is played is overshadowed by the fact that you’re probably supposed to feel wary of the events going on in the game. The repetitiveness then becomes the sad tale of insanity in the traditional sense - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

By SoftPedia on 65

Knock-Knock is an interesting experiment in storytelling and mechanics, a title that blends several genres and tries to create a kind of gentle horror that relies more on suggestion than on any sort of sudden scares. Unfortunately, the initial wonder quickly dissipates and the game then fails to offer more interesting ideas to keep gamers occupied.

By StrategyInformer on 53

Overall this really is not a game I can give a thumbs-up. I’m not entirely sure who’d enjoy a game like this. It’s possible we’ll see a few desperate YouTubers record their girlfriend getting scared by some of the earlier moments in the game, but aside from that tiny bit of stimulation and the initial hope that the nonsensical plot will have a logical finish, there’s very little here for anyone other than the most desperate of horror fans. Sorry Ice Pick.

By GameSpot on 40

"What you see before you is not exactly what one would call 'a game.' It's more like an interactive meditation, reenacted from scattered evidence, that happened to fall into our hands. It was built according to instructions, left by the original...

By CasualGameplay on 70

Knock-Knock! is definitely something you should check out. It has some of the most gorgeously terrifying designs around, and a crawling, creeping fear to its gameplay that will keep you up at night.

By Strategy Informer on 55

When it comes to Ice Pick Lodge, an independent game studio from Russia, I suppose we should know that we’re in for a wacky ride. Their back catalogue includes the relatively well acclaimed and somewhat Myst-like The Void, and the absolutely bizarre...

By GameZebo on 70

Knock-Knock is worth experiencing for the horror elements alone: simply to witness how such a simple-looking game can distil such fear in the pit of your stomach. I'm always a connoisseur for something a little bit different in video games, and Knock-Knock is indeed something just that little bit "out there."

By GameSpot on 40

But when it becomes clear that success isn't a matter of overcoming psychological terrors but of discerning rigid, obfuscated logic, Knock-knock reveals itself to be not something horrifying that defies all understanding, but simply a mundane, frustrating little puzzle box.

By GatherYourParty on 70

They exist within a world where every rule and moral can be accounted for. What Knock-Knock tries to ask us is whether or not these stories, in their pervasive certitude, truly represent reality.

By RealGamerNewz on 100

The gameplay is fun and the anxiety felt even long after the initial shock of what’s happening are maintained by great sound direction and what appears to be a heavily thought out system of randomization. Knock-Knock is highly recommended to all gamers and receives a Perfect 10 out of 10 making it an RGN Diamond Game.