Leviathan: Warships

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  • Great naval combat
  • Plenty of options for fleet customization


  • Poorly optimized controls lead to lots of frustrations.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC World on 70

If you like tactical play, the low price point makes this game worth trying despite the teething...

By PC Authority on 83

It's not often that we look at games that are capable of being played on mobile devices, but that's more to do with the fact that filling a page on something like Tiny Wings is kind of challenging. However, while Leviathan Warships is coming to...

By PC Gamer on 81

Engrossing, lovely to look at and with a potentially healthy shelf-life, if the multiplayer gets a toehold and gels...

By EuroGamer on 60

What scuppers Leviathan is nothing more than a slightly slapdash release - and greed. The bugs in the controls will probably be fixed soon enough. But as for the 'extra content', sadly it's here to stay.

By Expert Reviews on 60

The blend of real-time and turn-based action is a bit fiddly, but its cross-platform play is impressive...

By Strategy Informer on 80

Paradox doesn’t do casual games, but if they did, they’d probably... well, look exactly like Leviathan Warships. Leviathan Warships is a great example of a game that’s deceptively complex – fairly simple, no fuss concept that...

By PocketGamer on 80

If you're not a strategy fan then you'll probably run away to sea within the first couple of minutes, but Leviathan: Warships shows how deep, entertaining strategy games can work on touchscreen devices.

By IGN on 77

With easy controls and lots of customization options, naval battles in Leviathan: Warships shine in multiplayer but sputter in the stagnant single-player campaign. It's both an enjoyable light tactical experience and a gateway drug to deeper and more difficult to control games.

By GameSpot on 65

The fact that the total cost of the game's day-one downloadable content was greater than the actual game doesn't do much to help alleviate that concern. Nevertheless, the planning and intricacies of ship movement and the importance of maximizing point values make for some satisfying battles, though the depth of these concerns only truly become clear in the game's multiplayer warfare.

By CorruptedFloppy on 40

In Leviathan, you’ll either be wasting time waiting for the handful of people that actually play the game to face you, or wading through the unbearable monotony that is the offline mode. The multiplayer modes offer a little excitement, and some will find pleasure and entertainment in the ship customization, but nothing much more than that.

By RTSGuru on 80

The game holds all the cards for the multiplayer community to pick it up and run with but it will hinge on connectivity issues, DLC and longevity for players. Do not let the low numbers of players put you off as the game promotes a hop on, do a turn and hop off approach allowing those who play casual turn-based games a tactical treat.

By ArcadeSushi on 70

Within the realm of turn-based strategy games, Leviathan: Warships is good, but by no means perfect. Give me a few rounds of X-Com over this title any day. That’s just my personal preference. There will be plenty of armchair generals out there who will get lots of enjoyment out of this title.

By GameSpot on 65

In the enjoyable but bare-bones Leviathan: Warships, you customize a fleet of ships and pit it against your friends' fleets on the high...

By TheDigitalFix on 80

It certainly has the potential, and if the development team continue to add content, without upsetting the player base with pricing, then it may even become a staple of the multiplayer gaming landscape. Only time will tell whether this hulking Leviathan will rise from the depths of obscurity or rot at the bottom of the ocean.