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Little Inferno is an unusual game. You begin sitting in front of a fireplace, and for the most part that's where you stay. Your goal; to burn all your possessions and then, when you've got nothing to your name, buy more and burn them too. It might...

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Hey! Hi there! Grab a chair, pull it closer to the fire. It's cold outside isn't it? And you look like you could do with thawing out.Yes, it's a lovely fire, isn't it? Feel free to add some more fuel – anything you like. Your chair, for example. Or your...

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Little Inferno is a hard game to describe. There's not one genre you can stuff this game in other than the cover-all ″indie″ label that small-company experimental games are assigned, and that label alone isn't very helpful. The best way to describe...

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The entire game is an well realized idea. A full featured virtual fireplace experience.8fireplace Little inferno 2013-06-25Ajay VermaTagged with: fireplace Little infernoLeave a Reply Cancel...

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Трудно назвать это игрой. Скорее, перед нами своеобразная шутка, интерактивная открытка, созданная теми же самыми дизайнерами, которые подарили нам бесподобную World of Goo. Приятно отметить, что и в Little Inferno им удалось перенести ту же самую,...