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  • Sanity system keeps the game ­interesting.
  • Great puzzles that require a lot of thinking.
  • Scarcity of supplies increases the tension in the game.


  • Clunky menu system sometimes makes you want to tear your hair out.
  • Map may be ­confusing for some players.

Expert reviews and ratings

By New Game Network on 74

Once you get used to the confusing map and some annoying mechanics, Lone Survivor proves an intense and intriguing experience for its duration of a few...

By thestar.com.my on

Lone Survivor is a particularly good experience and shows that you do not need amazing graphics to produce a great game. The 8-bit art style is used surprisingly well and there are moments where I jumped at the ­appearance of a boss. The soundscape...

By eTeknix on

I stumbled across this game late at night on Steam, mostly out of not having any time at all to play some of my larger retail games, its been a busy few weeks and I wanted something I could enjoy in a couple of hours or when ever I'm taking a break from...

By GameSpot on 85

Eric Neigher dives deep into the psyche of this indie survival horror game, Lone Survivor....

By ign.com on 85

Regardless of how you approach it, Lone Survivor is one of those games that remain on your mind long after you've finished it. Even if you don't share my predilection for nightmares, you'll find that Lone Survivor's masterful dedication to ambiance...

By PC Gamer on 79

A smart, unembellished survival horror adventure which rewards patience and inspires...

By VideoGamer on 90

Lone Survivor ReviewWhen it comes to indie games, there's one word that always makes me cringe, and that word is interesting. Interesting is usually used as a substitute for fun or excitement, justification for ploughing through a sophistic art house...

By GameSpy on 90

When I reached the end of Lone Survivor, my playtime very clearly read 4:26. Four hours and 26 minutes. For a moment, I thought I'd taken on the defining characteristic of my delirious mask-wearing avatar; I thought I'd gone mad. But then I realized...

By Destructoid on 90

Jasper Byrne has made a name for himself with some incredibly clever indie titles in the past, including the brilliant Soul Brother and the famous Silent Hill demake, Soundless Mountain. His latest release, Lone Survivor, is his most ambitious title...

International Review By Gameswelt.de on 88

Hinter der vermeintlich altbackenen 2-D-Fassade steckt eines der atmosphärischsten Spiele der jüngsten Vergangenheit....