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  • Strong acting.
  • Combat variety.
  • Interesting protagonist and setting.


  • Inconsistent level design.
  • Dull shooting.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 88

Even if you haven't played any of the other Lost Planet games, Lost Planet 3 is a great game with a lot of action and a good...

By Tom's Guide on 50

The next few months will be a busy time for video game fans, with the next-gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hitting shelves and bringing with them a ton of must-have video games.Unfortunately, "Lost Planet 3" is not one of them. This third-person...

By GameSpot on 50

Lost Planet 3 takes narrative steps forward while standardizing its sci-fi action, for better and for worse. It's a decent game, neither a mess nor a triumph. Its story pulls you through, even when the missions themselves don't deliver any sense of urgency. Shooting giant bugs on a hostile world is still entertaining. But in this wholly adequate prequel, a struggling series has lost some of its identity.

By IGN on 62

Lost Planet 3 at least has a respectable story and some combat variety to it, even if the pieces don’t always come together quite right. Jumping in and out of the mech keeps it from being just another cover-based shooter. If not for level design that’s full of frustrating inconsistencies, it might even have been good enough to fully recommend.

By TrustedReviews on 50

Lost Planet 3 has its plus points as a piece of sci-fi, but as an action game it’s another damp squib in a series that never seems to heat up. Likeable protagonists and an interesting story can’t make up for the dull combat, the annoying and repetitive boss battles or the sheer amount of time-wasting in the game, and it’s nowhere near as exciting or enjoyable as the broadly similar Dead Space 3.

By EuroGamer on 40

It's worrying when the nicest thing you can say about a game is that the early sections manage to be boring in an interesting way, but it's true for Lost Planet 3. It's a game that manages to make third-person shooting feel like work - and one that makes work feel like something that more games should explore.

By GameInformer on 65

I don’t hate Lost Planet 3. There’s still a base satisfaction to popping orange Akrid weak points and mopping up goo. I even made a point to track down most of the hidden collectibles. The first two games balanced out any unsavory elements with mega moments and straightforward fun. The third entry simply doesn’t have enough thermal energy to overcome its many problems.

By Joystiq on 50

Jim Peyton's story as played in Lost Planet 3 is a mixed proposition, in need of trimming to the monster-shooting tedium, yet anemic in its core interactions. The workmanlike effort by Spark Unlimited, its best yet, comes out less believable and less interesting than Grandpa Peyton's final words: the story of a man immune to the cold, who wasted most of his life shooting monsters in the back.

By 3DJuegos on 67

Lost Planet 3 destaca por muy pocas cosas, y a su favor apenas juega la estimable intención de proponer un mundo abierto que recorrer que, lamentablemente, ha sido bastante mal ejecutado.

By Vandal on 65

Sin querer hacer demasiada sangre, Lost Planet 3 no nos ha decepcionado, porque sinceramente tampoco esperábamos demasiado, tras que lo que habíamos visto y jugado de él en los últimos meses. No consigue aportar nada ni hacer algo especialmente bien dentro del género de la acción en tercera persona.

By GamesRadar on 50

Once you've played the first few hours of the campaign, you'll feel like you've already seen it all as you drag through the remainder of the plot. LP3 goes through the motions of the typical action game, never delivering any surprises or gameplay elements that would make a memorable experience. Instead, you'll just get to fight a giant crab boss for the fourth time.

By VideoGamer on 50

Spark has made its best game to date, but fails on so many levels the end result is still only a notch above a complete washout. Enemies are dull, weapons are lacklustre (the shotgun is one of the worst I've ever used and the melee attack is appalling), the mech isn't fun, and the multiplayer is blighted by similar issues that real-life foes can't fix.

By Games IT on 60

Lost Planet 3 rischia di essere di fatto la fine ingloriosa per un franchise che non è mai stato sfruttato al massimo delle potenzialità. Ricorderemo con affetto il primo, bellissimo e divertente Lost Planet: Extreme Condition , sperando che in futuro Capcom riesca a tornare davvero alle origini, magari affidandosi nuovamente a un team interno.

By GameSpot on 50

Lost Planet 3 is both less exasperating and less diverse than its...

By Cheat Code Central on 64

Lost Planet 3 is a bit of an enigma. When firing on all cylinders, the game is a story-driven experience broken up by diverse gameplay. But, unfortunately, it rarely fires on all cylinders. It starts off pretty strong. After a brief cutscene with an...

By Strategy Informer on 60

The closest thing to a Lost Planet 3-type expedition in the real world is probably an off-shore oil rig. Jim Peyton, the game’s protagonist, has joined one of the first NEVEC expeditions to E.D.N III - an icy planet with a mystical energy source...

By The Inquirer on 70

In terms of story and tone, while the new Lost Planet 3 features several of the same plot points as the first two games set in the three-way battle between the NEVEC corporation, guerilla Snow Pirate Army and native Akrid aliens, the tone and cast are...


Lost Planet 3 will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on August 27. Check out more new video games for...

International Review By chip.co.id on

Game third-person Lost Planet 3 merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak game yang mengangkat tema reboot . Harus diakui, sebagai salah satu franchise milik publisher ternama, CAPCOM, hingga seri ketiganya, Lost Planet tidak pernah...

International Review By overclockers.ru on

Вот и создатели игры не захотели. Lost Planet стала очередной серией, отданной Capcom на «усыновление» сторонней студии, и на этот раз наследие японцев попало в руки Spark Unlimited, авторов не сыскавших славу Legendary и Turning Point: Fall of Liberty....