Mark of the Ninja

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  • Excellent stealth action.
  • Gorgeous animation and overall presentation.
  • Plenty of checkpoints minimize frustration.


  • Brief puzzle-platforming frustrations.
  • Keyboard controls suck (PC).

Expert reviews and ratings

By MacLife on 100

Mark of the Ninja's distillation of the stealth genre's best ideas onto a shadowy 2D sandbox draws the definitive high-water mark for conscientious stealth design this generation.

By PC Gamer on 90

A stealth game that turns you into a predator rather than prey. Mark of the Ninja is an engaging sandbox of stealth.

By Gamespy on 90

Mark of the Ninja gives you the tools to get the job done, and lets you run wild through levels with diverging paths, tons of secrets, and ways of slaughtering guards.

By GameSpy on 90

Imagine for a moment that you're a professional baseball player. With each pitch, you read the man throwing it. You see the way he grips the ball, the spin when it leaves his hand, the speed at which it's coming to the plate, its future...

By on


By Wired on 80

Mark of the Ninja is at no point a bright, cheery game, but towards the end the environments get so dark that it’s sometimes hard to see what’s going on. The developers counter this by equipping players...

By Joystiq on 90

I don't expect Klei's effort to instill patience in players who prefer to dash, slash and just get on with it, but it should be educational for those who wobble their way through tactical espionage action...

By IGN on 90

Mark of the Ninja illustrates how digitally downloaded games continue to be a breeding ground for some of today's most creative content.

By EuroGamer on 90

As the price of digitally released games creeps ever upwards, the question of value becomes harder to answer. Compared to the superficially similar Deadlight, which trod a rather linear path through a few hours of repetitive...

By Kotaku on

Mark of the Ninja did something that I find remarkable: it made the stealth game approachable, without compromising the genre. Now if you excuse me, I have a stop a man that's been corrupted by the tendrils of technology.

By GamesRadar on 90

A lot of modern games sacrifice depth and playability in pursuit of other goals, but Mark of the Ninja enjoys an abundance of both. Fast yet measured, breezy yet deep, and above all highly replayable...

International Review By HardwareMX on

En Mark of the Ninja, conocerás lo que verdaderamente es ser un ninja. Debes ser sigiloso, ágil e inteligente para vencer con astucia a tus oponentes en un mundo de bellos escenarios y animación fluida. Marcado con tatuajes malditos que...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Neben den Wachen ist vor allem das Licht sein größter Gegner: Lichtkegel aus Scheinwerfern oder Deckenleuchten wollen tunlichst vermieden werden - etwa, indem der Comic-Assassine auf Knopfdruck in Deckung geht, einen weniger offensiv...

International Review By on 90

Любой человек, успевший застать эпоху NES или Sega Mega Drive, всегда невольно улыбается, слыша название Contra. Сколько ночей было проведено без сна, сколько геймпадов сломано в жестоких битвах с боссами, сколько ностальгии! Похоже, именно ее страстный...