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  • Strategy and tactics.
  • Customization.
  • Not pay-to-win.


  • Limited modes.
  • Poor teaching tools.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCGamer on 83

Piranha’s work to modernize MechWarrior is admirable. MWO’s layered mechanics facilitate intricate combat that’s deep, balanced, and--most importantly--satisfying in your hands. That almost singular focus on combat design does leaves MWO slim on modes and tutorials as well as with some rough UI in key places like the MechLab...

By IGN on 73

MechWarrior Online recaptures some former glory, but limited modes and a tough learning curve limits its appeal.

By GameSpot on 60

MechWarrior Online is hardly more than a solid arena shooter populated with mechs. If the game had made better use of its assets and given us a reason to care about more than the fleeting pleasures of customization and combat, it might be worth enduring the currency grind. As it is, like its strongest mechs, it runs out of power far too fast.

By GameSpot on 60

MechWarrior Online gets the feel of mech combat right, but its lack of variety taints the...

By GameTrailers on 60

The grind of match after match eventually erodes your enthusiasm as you start to wonder what it’s all for. Considering MechWarrior has a rich history to draw from, it’s hard not to feel like something’s missing when you find yourself in an endless arena.

By TenTonHammer on 68

It clearly has the potential to be much more than what it currently is, but that potential has yet to be reached. For a free-to-play title, it’s worth the price of admission, but anything beyond that will need to be determined by each individual player.

By Neoseeker on

It's been over a decade since the last entry in the MechWarrior series, one that's prided itself on epic mech combat in the Battletech universe. Piranha Games' is currently hard at work on bringing it back with the free...

International Review By Netzwelt on 70

Zu Anfang stehen für die ersten Gehversuche gleich vier verschiedene Kampfboliden bereit. Der Spieler agiert stets vom Cockpit aus und hat keine Möglichkeit, die Perspektive zu verändern. Die gewollt eingeschränkte Sicht muss durch...