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  • Scary as hell.
  • Amazing setting.
  • Beautiful, ominous environments.


  • Repetitious.
  • Underwhelming character design.

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By Xtra Gamer on

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)What better location to stage a survival-horror game than an Asylum right? Add to that intense, creepy music and a total inability to defend yourself in any way at all (apart from running...

By GameInformer on 75

The PC version isn't markedly different from the console version. I actually preffered playing the game with a controller, so there is no real advantage to there. I did noticed that the textures in the PS4 version were sometimes a little blurrier than the PC version. Otherwise, the two versions are nearly identical.

By T3 on 80

It’s a pity the narrative unravels towards the end, but that one concern aside, Outlast is an effective and consistently terrifying survival horror game that’s likely to satisfy the demands of those fans of this genre who constantly see their extreme entertainment watered down in order to attract more audience numbers. If you really want to test your horror mettle, we recommend playing this game in the dark with your headphones on. Go on: we dare you!

By Digital Trends on 100

Outlast has elements that are genuinely frightening, but they yield to predictability, and predictability leads to tedium. There is more than enough remaining to make survival-horror fans on the PS4 gleefully consume it, plus the PS4 version of the...

By micromart.co.uk on 70

A piece of advice: should you ever receive an anonymous tip directing you to a well-known asylum, where terrible experiments have been conducted on the inmates, and very bad things happen in one of the most creepy looking buildings ever conceived, do...

By PCWorld on 80

Despite these problems, Outlast is a horror game that manages to be terrifying in spite of itself. As with any horror game, best results come from playing with the lights off and headphones on.

By PC World on 100

Outlast, the new horror game from Red Barrels, puts you in the shoes of journalist Miles Upshur as he investigates the old Mount Massive Asylum, an abandoned facility in Colorado. Armed only with your faithful handheld video camera, you quickly find out...

By New Game Network on 75

Outlast is a little too mechanical, but still rather terrifying. Chases are exhilarating and the Asylum creates an unsettling atmosphere that keeps you on...

By Gaming Age on 77

CommentIf you've ever been to Leadville, CO, then you know it's a place that nobody ever goes to. Locals have adapted to the thin atmosphere at its 10,000 feet of elevation, and the wrath of Colorado storms can ward off passer-by's who would sooner...

By PCGamer on 75

In its quieter moments, however, Outlast can be terrifying, with subtle scares, wonderfully timed surprises, and a crushing sense of dread accompanying you as you inch through the darkened corridors, waiting for something - anything to happen.

By Gaming Nexus on 80

Outlast is an incredibly effective horror game with a satisfying story, good looks and good pacing. Unfortunately, the whole thing is nearly derailed by linear level designs and painfully simple gameplay. But many horror fans will ignore all that when...

By brisbanetimes.com.au on

His bloody work done, the doctor strolls casually down the adjoining hallway, toward the room I have just escaped from. Panic suddenly hits me: he's about to discover that I'm loose, and then he will begin hunting for me.Desperate, I take the chance; I...

By Sydney Morning Herald on

I am hiding under a steel-framed hospital bed. I peer left and right into the gloom around me; naked light bulbs draw deep black shadows from upturned furniture, and in the shadows I see...

By EuroGamer on 70

There's little chance to branch off the main path and explore - but that's for the best. Stop and peer too long into Outlast's gloom and you'll see the zips on the monster costumes. Take it at at speed and you'll find a haunted house worth visiting.

By IGN on 78

Outlast can stand proudly as a unique and terrifying survival horror game. Unlike many modern horror games, it remembers that the most frightening monsters are those that you can't kill, but have to flee from, and it creates an outstandingly creepy atmosphere that rendered me defenseless against its many well-paced jump scares.

By GameSpot on 70

Even its weakest moments owe their existence not to ineffective ambiance and tension, but rather to excessive confidence spurred by eventual predictable encounters that clash with the promise of the setting. From start to finish, it never loses sight of the "survival" component of survival horror, and in such a way that reminds us that few things on this...

By GamingTrend on 93

Really, any review of a horror game can be summed up in a three word interrogative: “Is it scary?” You better believe it is. Outlast is the scariest game/movie/book I’ve consumed since Amnesia: The Dark Descent. What’s most amazing is that very few of the scares felt cheap, or unearned.

By Joystiq on 90

If most games are measured by how many times they can be replayed, true horror games can be measured by how many times its players want to stop playing. Those moments when the stress of running and hiding and worrying about every single little sound become too much, and the paranoia eats away at your sanity until you feel trapped.

By Destructoid on 90

I knew it was just my flatmate wandering about, but I couldn't help looking at the door, expecting to see a knife, and I wondered if I could fit my flabby, naked body through the tiny window of my bathroom, and just leg it down the street.

By Vandal on 97

Técnicamente es muy bueno, y sólo podemos reprochar que los chicos de Red Barrels no hayan tomado algún que otro riesgo para innovar un poco y distanciarse de los otros competidores del género. No es excesivamente largo, pero si os apetecen entre cuatro y cinco horas de supervivencia y terror, Outlast tiene todo lo que necesitáis.