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  • Story evolution.
  • Unique premise.
  • Variety of characters.


  • Learning curve.
  • Not for everyone.

Expert reviews and ratings

By New Game Network on 69

Papers Please feels a little bit like a game made on a dare: "Is it possible to even make a game about checking data on paperwork?" It has strongly developed themes and an intriguing premise, but not enough of a gameplay core to attract casual players....

By Expert Reviews on 100

A brilliant lesson in human behaviour, with a dollop of history, all wrapped in a puzzle...

By GameSpot on 80

It's worthwhile for the same reasons a depressing novel or a bleak movie can be worthwhile. There are lessons to be learned from Papers, Please, if only to remind ourselves how much worse off we could be.

By MacLife on 80

Never mind its bleak tone, minimalist presentation, and seemingly dour concept - Papers, Please turns checking passports into an unexpectedly captivating game.

By GameSpot on 80

Papers, Please will stress you out with simple gameplay that leads to moral quandaries and weighty...

By IGN on 87

Very few other games have so perfectly encapsulated just how being trapped in this kind of dehumanising role can be, in the best possible way, and both inside and out of the dreaded grey booth. If only there could be an achievement for reaching the exact moment you turn someone away for no particularly good reason, only to quietly tell yourself that, as ever, you were just following orders.

By EuroGamer on 90

Papers, Please feels a lot like an interactive anxiety attack. It's hard to call such a nerve-shredding experience "fun", but it is absorbing, brilliantly written and causes you to question your every instinct and reaction - both in the game and in real life. Such bleakness will be an acquired taste, of course, but the deep note of bitterness in Papers, Please makes for a welcome change.

By Ars Technica on 90

After racing through a traveler's files, preoccupied with the pressures of the job and paying for my virtual family, I had a forced, four-second gap while one walked away and another approached. This was my opportunity to really stop and think about my role in the act of processing people like so much cattle.

By PCGamer on 87

An Endless mode alleviates some of Story mode’s monotony by letting you compete on leaderboards for prestige, but above all Papers, Please is a $10 ticket to emotional manipulation, left brain stimulation, and elegantly-paced virtual paperwork wrapped in clever storytelling.

By GameSide on 95

That’s how much faith I have in this game; Lucas Pope broke down the genre barriers to create a title that is unrivaled in gaming. It is not strictly a strategy game, nor is it strictly about espionage, political commentary or action. It is described as a dystopian document thriller, but it is more than that. It is complex, but it is simple.

By GameRanx on 100

Papers, Please might sounds like it’s a little niche, that the appeal is too limited, but it’s about as much fun as you can have destroying the dreams of people hoping to better their lives.

By Critical Indie Gamer on 80

Papers, Please may not be for everyone, but there is an abundance of content and charm to satisfy those who pass through the border and explore what lies beyond. Glory to Arstotzka!

By PC Gamer on 87

An original and pleasantly demanding puzzle-style game that leaves you wanting slightly more and slightly more...

By Softpedia on 90

Papers, Please also forces any player with some history knowledge to evaluate his actions inside the game and wonder how he might have acted in the real world if faced with similar situations and pressures.

By GameSkinny on 80

Personally, I give the game 8 out of 10. A couple of things can be hard to grasp so quickly by someone not familiar with such estoeric games. But other than that it's a solid indie title, that does what so many others fail to do. Get out a message, but keep the gameplay fun and enjoyable.

By DigitalSpy on 80

The sense of urgency, the wonderfully-realised dystopian backdrop and the bevy of moral dilemmas combine with the immersive daily grind to produce an experience unlike any other. Put simply, Papers, Please is a refreshingly unique game that deserves your attention.

By GreenlitGaming on 95

Papers Please is one of the most unique and enthralling games I have played in recent memory. Its incredible design and challenging gameplay make it a game that absolutely everyone must experience. It is proof that compelling gameplay and thoughtful design can propel indie games into categories of their own with ideas that take us in new and exciting directions.

By CultureMass on 92

Papers, Please is all the components of a fantastic game: excellent story, compelling gameplay, and thoughtful artistic direction. It has been intelligently designed to give you more of what you want to experience with it, be it the gameplay or the story.

By GatherYourParty on 90

Papers, Please is a refreshing independent game set in an oxymoronically stifling world. Its methodical gameplay may not appeal to those who prefer a more action-driven experience, or want to quickly hop in and out of their next adventure.

By Canadian Online Gamers on 93

But perhaps the worst moment is the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies pointing out a discrepancy on someone’s paperwork, or knowing that stamping a big “denied” on someone’s visa meant my pay wouldn’t be docked. Pope has managed to craft an experience that can feel wholly rewarding and depressing...