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  • Free.
  • Good Old Fashioned Grown Up Theme.
  • Passive Skill Tree is Huge.


  • Challenging.
  • Intuitive Design.

Expert reviews and ratings

By New Game Network on 83

A tremendous action RPG that can be fully enjoyed without costing you a cent with outstanding visual design and a tremendous character building...

By PCGamer on 84

An exceptionally generous free-to-play action-rPG. What it lacks in punch it makes up for in depth and value for money.

By IGN on 88

Leaderboards, PvP options, and lootable challenge maps spice up the higher level content, and an unusual bartering system staves off inflation in its multiplayer aspects. Best of all, it's free almost to a fault, revealing a compelling alternative path for free-to-play projects to come.

By GameSpot on 90

I'm so fully committed to Path of Exile that I've spent a bit of coin myself, and my witch is only one of many wayfarers I intend to guide through Wraeclast. Many mysteries still await me, even in the savage regions I've already charted.

By EuroGamer on 70

I can't say what their future holds as I'm not much of an economist (nor am I really a magpie). But I can say I've had many, many hours of fun in a game that still has much more to show me and which all of us, right now, can play for nothing at all. We're being spoiled.

By SuperPolyPixel on 80

Players will find a variety of refreshing aspects to the game that set it apart from the rest of the genre. With a growing player base and a number of people working tirelessly to improve the game, Path will definitely be a game to look out for and a great game to play.

By TechDragon on 85

The game offers quite the replay value. Since there is so much to do build wise, and so many more options when you factor in Unique items (orange named) that have special abilities. This allows for an even greater amount of builds you can come up with.

By TeamLiquid on 100

I think those who play it will find that it breathes new life into the genre in what otherwise has been a fairly disappointing last few years of diablo-clones. If you’ve ever loved a diablo-clone (or diablo 2, for that matter), play Path of Exile. It’s a ton of fun, has almost infinite replay value, and is more or less designed for multiplayer.

By Craving Tech on

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action online RPG for PC developed by New Zealand based video game development studio: Grinding Gear Games. The game is set in a dark fantasy world and you play as an exile who is banished to the dark continent of...

By NewGamerNation on 95

Right now, though, Path of Exile might be the last great bastion for ARPG players. It has the widest array of features on the market today, and if you’re looking for a good dungeon crawler, there’s no real reason not to give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, other than maybe your mind.

By Free2Flay on 100

The enemies, the skill tree, the bosses, even the community. It's all done so well, and really gives off the feeling that the developers put a considerable amount of effort into this. Of course, I tend to be pessimistic about these things. If you're reading this, play it now. Who knows how long it will stay this good?

By BitMaiden on 90

Path of Exile does not have for sure the budget for marketing of big titles like the Diablo or Titan Quest franchises, but nevertheless it has been able to make a big expectation for everything it not only promises, but actually shows to all the closed beta players. We will for sure keep a few eyes on this, since Act III is coming soon, and after it an Open Beta will follow.

By MMORPG on 80

Path of Exile is an excellent addition to the ARPG roster. Easily competing with the likes of Diablo and Torchlight. This independent hack-and-slasher manages to surpass its idols, while carving out its own particular niche; and with an asking price of nothing, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't check it out: Path of Exile is the hidden gem of the year.

By GameStar on 84

Warum wollen wir also trotzdem immer weitermachen? Na klar: Uns hat mal wieder die Gier gepackt. Andauernd finden wir neue Ausrüstung und steigen im Level auf und nie haben wir genug. Path of Exile spinnt ein fesselndes Motivationsgeflecht aus Beutejagd und Heldenentwicklung, vor allem weil es uns dabei ungeheure Freiheiten lässt.

International Review By on

W recenzji starałem się wam przedstawić najważniejsze informacje odnośnie gry Path of Exile. Celowo nie zamieściłem wszystkich informacji, aby nie psuć wam przyjemności z grania i odkrywania nowych możliwości jakie oferuje ta produkcja.Na pewno wielką...

International Review By on

Diablo III rozczarowało wielu, w tym i mnie. Blizzard tak daleko odszedł koncepcyjnie od poprzedniej odsłony, że była to praktycznie zupełnie nowa gra pod dotychczas znanym tytułem. Fani drugiej części nie musieli długo szukać produkcji, która spełniłaby...

International Review By on

Path of Exiles não traz muitas inovações a velha fórmula dos action RPGs baseados em Diablo. Tendo como grandes diferenciais apenas o seu sistema de progresso e o fato de ser gratuito. Para os fãs do gênero, será um prato cheio onde é possível passar...

International Review By Eurogamer on 70

Dette er ikke Saint Helena, og du er ikke Napoleon. Du er blevet sendt i eksil i Wraeclast efter at have begået det utilgivelige, og den eneste måde at overleve på er at kæmpe dig igennem horder af monstre og andre skræmmende væsener. Path of Exile er...

International Review By PCWorld France on 70

Après les Mythos et autres Ultima Forever, voilà enfin un Hack'n Slash qui réussit à réconcilier le genre avec le modèle économique du free to play. Non seulement Path of Exile revendique ses inspirations, mais il les emploie à bon escient. Appliquer...

International Review By Techzilla on

Path of Exile è un videogioco free to play del genere Hack & Slash e si prospetta essere il gioco più interessante della categoria del 2013, è in Open Beta dal 23 Gennaio e non ha una data specifica per il completamento anche se è pienamente giocabile...