Patrician 4

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  • Same unique trading experience as previous titles in the series, vastly improved interface.


  • Excessive grinding, Lackluster sea battles, Cruel, jealous lieges pillage your peaceful farms.
  • The graphics are a dudd.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 48

More yawn than yarr, sadly. The figures may add up, but there’s still a lot missing from this unexciting...

By GameZone on 60

When you think of conquest, the one thing that probably comes to mind is war, while things like trade and economy are probably somewhere at the bottom of that list. In Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade, knowing your way around the economy is the way to...

By Gaming Nexus on 62

The Hanseatic League was a loose confederation of trading cities that flourished on the northern coast of Europe during the late Middle and early Modern Ages. They are an interesting example of the effects of trade on otherwise isolated cities.This...

By IGN Gear on 65

I personally am in the audience Kalypso is shooting for with the release of Patrician IV: I love business and economic simulations, and the interface in the sequel is much better than any of the previous entries. Furthermore, between the tutorial...

By GameSpot on 60

A wave of tedium nearly sinks this medieval trading...

By Hooked Gamers on 78

I think people tend to underestimate just how difficult it is to create a sequel. It is difficult enough to change the story, introduce new characters and create new environments, but what do you do when your game has no room for any of those? I...

By 1Up on 69

Where German board games are renowned for their elegance and simple mechanics, German strategy games are renowned for their obsession with efficiency -- especially the efficient management of money or scarce resources. American gamers have, by and...

By NowGamer on 56

Taken purely as a simulation of the economics and politics of a very specific organisation during a very specific period, Patrician IV isn’t half bad. But there’s barely any game here, and what little there is suffers badly from an overstock...

By Strategy Informer on 70

Wealth is power and so ‘Conquest by Trade’ was all too real during the height of the Hanseatic League, which is exactly where Patrician IV casts our trader empire dreams. From a humble beginning of a single cargo ship the vision is to expand...

By Armchair Empire on 70

Sitting through world history class in junior high, I can remember the brief attention that was paid to the Hanseatic League. To hear the teacher and the textbook tell it, the Hanseatic League was a fluke, an entity that came about by dumb...

International Review By Eurogamer on 50

Min interesse for historie, lidenskab for simulationsspil og glæde, når man kan se Aalborg i et spil, er tre gode grunde til, at jeg var begejstret, da jeg fik fingrene i Patrician IV. Det skulle dog vise sig ikke at være så godt som...