Peter Jacksons King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie




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By Expert Reviews on 80

The latest celluloid adaptation is emotionally packed, exciting, but unlike the big guy, a little on the short side. If youve ever wanted to star as a giant ape on an island teeming with dinosaurs who falls in love with a screen goddess, then goes...

By Maximum PC on 80

In King Kong the game, you play as both Jack Driscoll and King Kong, reliving scenes from the movie—as well as other events that weren’t in the film. Although the action is frantic, the overall experience is a stilted patchwork of sequences,...

By OCModShop on 40

However, boredom also struck me as I played (and especially when I replayed) many of the levels. Creature, stab, repeat. Kong is the real star of this show, but his share of the game is woefully small. Even New York, which is played entirely as Kong,...

By GameZone on 81

Here we are - a game that has a Hollywood director’s name above the title. It’s not the first time Hollywood has invaded the video-game industry but the involvement of a director to this extreme probably hasn’t been seen before King...

By on 60

Experience the famous adventure through the eyes of Jack Driscoll and the giant ape...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Hey. Want to be in the year’s biggest movie? Great. There are a couple of juicy parts you might want to consider.The first is a guy. He’s fallen hard for this girl. They end up stranded on this hostile, jungle island, full of giant creatures...

By cnet on 81


By Expert Reviews on 60

A giant ape and an island full of dinosaurs can mean only one thing: King Kong. The game follows the same events as the new Peter Jackson film on which it is based, and you can play as both man and King Kong. The graphics lack the beauty and detail...

By IT Reviews on

you even get to control the great ape: Its inevitable that when a big film comes out, the adult movie industry will come up with an alternative title. You know all the classics... Shaving Ryans Privates, Good Will Humping and so forth. However, its...

By Ars Technica on

Peter Jackson has a lot to answer for in the geek community. Starting with his love of gore, he cemented his reputation with a bunch of insane splatter movies before honing his craft in the incredible, underrated The Frighteners. Then he made a movie...

International Review By Smartson on

Ubisoft har framställt spelet King Kong som är baserat på Peter Jacksons film där man kan spela både som människan Jack eller som King Kong. Rent grafiskt är det stundtals mycket välgjort, men spelet brister i kontroller och spelupplägg menar...

International Review By on

Filmvärlden står inför en stöddig dos nostalgi. Peter Jacksons nytolkning av 30-talsklassikern King Kong går snart upp på biodukarna och storfilmstraditonen trogen släpps samtidigt ett spel baserat på samma story. Dussinprodukt eller blivande...