• Postal 3
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  • Opportunities for perverse mayhem.
  • Functional shooting.
  • Creative weapons.


  • Flawed movement mechanics.
  • Terrible AI.

Expert reviews and ratings

By brisbanetimes.com.au on

Downright terrible. Broken coding, broken game play and a broken script turns Postal III into the kind of game that makes you want to stop procrastinating and get on with your essay. The shock factor wears off quickly, with all offensive humour being...

By PC Gamer on 21

If you’re going to be offensive, you need a point. This has none, either as satire, commentary, videogame or...

By Gaming Nexus on 8

The Postal series of games have been primarily known for the controversy caused by their extreme levels of violence, disregard for graphic content, and exploitation of stereotypes. With the change from the Unreal to the Source engine, Running with...

By DarkZero on 40

Published February 1st 2012.Written by Nickolai Niver. Once upon a time, there was a 13 year old boy who got Postal 2 from one of his friends because that friend’s parents weren’t handling that game. Overjoyed to have something other than King’s Quest...

By PC Advisor on 30

Postal III is consciously a cheap and nasty game, but it fails to back this up with the outrageousness it believes it has. It'll find a certain audience who are gleefully amazed by its crude satire, but don't be fooled into thinking its...

By GameSpot on 30

Almost 15 years ago Postal was released on the PC, giving players a chance to go on a virtual murder spree and setting off a wave of outrage from concerned parties. A few sequels and expansion packs later, Postal III has arrived with a fresh new slate...

By ign.com on 55

My hat goes off to Running With Scissors to be ballsy enough to make yet another game that's completely unapologetic in its treatment of risque and taboo subject matter. It's hard to imagine anyone not being offended by Postal III. That's a big...

By GameSpy on 20

Here's the crazy thing about Postal III: it knows exactly what it is, and it really, really doesn't care. "GTA's physics are better," its sunglasses-clad main character constantly quips, rotating through an annoyingly short list of one-liners as he...

International Review By PCMweb on 40

De Tweede Kamer zal waarschijnlijk niet veel moeite te hoeven doen om een verkoopverbod te regelen: ontwikkelaars Running with Scissors en Akella maken het al moeilijk genoeg om het spel te waarderen. Technische problemen en de beperkte...

International Review By Gameswelt.de on 40

Der Postal Dude ist wieder da und sorgt für jede Menge Chaos. Von HIV-infizierten Katzen, Playmates und Uwe Boll....

International Review By zeden.net on 40

Abandonnant le style FPS pour un style TPS, les développeurs ont fait de cet épisode un désastre en termes de gameplay et de maniabilité. Mis à part un humour parfois drôle (mais beaucoup plus fréquemment moisi) et des démembrements, il n'y a...

International Review By Evilgamerz on 59

Als we het over een game hebben die maar weinig tot geen publiciteit krijgt dan is dat natuurlijk Postal 3. Waarschijnlijk zullen velen van jullie deze game niet eens kennen, laat staan gespeeld hebben. Toch wist ontwikkelaar Running With Scissors het...

International Review By pccentre.pl on

Mało która gra wywołuje tyle kontrowersji, co Postal. Na sam widok tego tytułu kwiatki więdną, matki zasłaniają dzieciom oczy i odbierają komputery, a „eksperci” w dziedzinie psychologii zaczynają histerycznie krzyczeć, że oto przed nami leży dowód na...