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By Gaming Nexus on 65

Pressure provides gamers with entertaining shoot-em-up and arcade racing gameplay mechanics that are unfortunately overshadowed by repetitive level design. With the uninspired game design and lack of a real narrative, Pressure provides a mediocre...

By on 80

There are certain winning formulas to PC games: FPS, RPG, platform and, of course, the ever present top-down arcade/action shooter. You can't beat it. For a spot of quick rapid-fire entertainment, there's little that will satisfy the twitchy trigger...

By Strategy Informer on 60

At first glance Pressure looks like it's some sort of cutesy arcade racer in the vein of Super Mario Kart. You know, those racers that never do as well as the game they're imitating. That isn't the case though. Pressure harkens back to the days of...

International Review By I Am Gamer on 74

Pressure - TestGegen die Methoden des fiesen Grafen Soap II. wirken die Pläne der EU zur Privatisierung der Wasserversorgung geradezu wie ein Akt der Selbstlosigkeit: Um seine exklusive Wellness-Oase am Plätschern zu halten, hat der sinistere...

International Review By on

Сказка о злобном банщике. Вот интересно, а игровая индустрия вообще способна еще породить какой-нибудь принципиально новый жанр? Всё, буквально всё, что мы видим на рынке, является творческим переосмыслением идей, которые «выстрелили» чуть ли не тридцать...