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  • Tons of content.
  • Constant challenge.
  • Joyfully exuberant mood.


  • Repetitive.
  • Lacks online co-op.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCGamer on 90

They’re just like I remember, but with Legends’ improved visuals. Rayman Legends would be a generous enough package without them, but between these additions and the diabolical challenge stages, there’s enough to keep you happily occupied for a long time to come.

By Expert Reviews on 100

A celebration of its genre and then some. Rayman Legends is a truly innovative platforming...

By Strategy Informer on 90

How far Rayman’s come. Despite Ubisoft seemingly having the bizarre notion that Rayman is a household name popular enough for them to launch 2D platformers against some of the biggest games of the year (including their own - Assassin’s Creed in 2011,...

By fatducktech.com on

Rayman Legends retreads the ground firmly trodden in Rayman Origins, refining it in a way that makes for a genuinely brilliant platform game. Possibly the best platform game ever — and I fully realise what heresy that might be.Rayman Legends was...

By HardwareHeaven on

Are we all completely sick of GTA yet? Have you had enough of the near 24/7 coverage about Rockstar's latest and greatest? Well Ubisoft may well have the exact opposite of GTA for us in the form of Rayman Legends... The follow up to 2011's Rayman...

By AsiaOne on 90

Ubisoft's effort is the perfect antidote to wash away the bile of seriousness that has been plaguing today's action and shooter...

By Pocket-lint on 80

For the Rayman completist - we're sure there must be such a thing - Legends is the ultimate package. It's a wild ride through the unhinged imagination of Michael Ancel and his team that often threatens to out-Nintendo Nintendo. Murder-free,...

By PCAdvisor on 90

Wacky, zany, madcap - these are words which provide a terrible disservice to how ambitious, creative and joyful Rayman Legends is. Suddenly, one of games' oldest genres seems as fresh as a hallucinogenic daisy.

By Cheat Code Central on 90

Confidence exudes from Rayman Legends. The game juggles a staggering amount of absurd content. A flaming eyeball, a hero without any limbs, and a frog-like fly named Murfy all exist in the same level. Only the certainty of craftsmanship holds the game...

By PC Advisor on 90

In another time and place, another world from our own, Mario didn't achieve the stranglehold he has over platform games here. The super-polished and - whisper it - somewhat sanitised, edgeless Nintendo formula didn't corner the market, and platformers...

By HardcoreGamer on 90

The endless runner stages don’t live up to the excellence of the platforming, but it’s hard to complain about their inclusion when their absence wouldn’t have dramatically impacted the amount of content. Clearly designed for and best experienced on the Wii U, it’s a rare non-exclusive killer app that should be purchased immediately to ensure its franchise lives a long and productive life.

By Digital Trends on 70

Rayman Legends is a stress free platformer designed with a good natured attitude that radiates through the forgiving gameplay and the often funny character animations. It's relaxing to play, which is often the antithesis of a platformer. There is also...

By TrustedReviews on 90

Rayman Origins was a great platform game, but Rayman Legends actually surpasses it, with superb hand-painted graphics, a more player-friendly structure, vast quantities of levels and bonus levels to conquer and some of the most inventive and ingenious levels we’ve seen in any game in the genre – and that includes the best of Sonic and Mario.

By GameInformer on 90

All told, Rayman Legends provides top-notch gameplay with an expansive package of additional content. I’m glad to see the possibility of Rayman and his friends popping up at more regular intervals. If Ubisoft can maintain the series’ current level of quality, by all means, keep ‘em coming. I know I’ll eagerly play each one.

By EuroGamer on 100

Rayman Legends disproves that in glorious style. From its gorgeous visuals to its painstaking design to its abundant generosity, it shows once and for all that "hardcore gaming" is about style, flair and good, old-fashioned challenge - not how many pixels of brain matter you can spray across the screen.

By InsideGamingDaily on 85

No doubt Rayman Legends is not for everyone. But if you appreciate art and you’re willing to put in the hours for completion, you’ll no doubt be rewarded with a grueling and rewarding platforming experience

By IGN on 95

Rayman Legends is a delightful platformer, and one of the best I’ve ever played. Thanks to clever level design that toys with genre conventions, it gets incredible mileage out of four basic moves. And with great local co-op and dozens of unlockables – including stages from Rayman Origins, special character skins, and mini-games...

By VideoGamer on 80

A whopping chunk of Origins is playable within the game, and your ‘Awesomeness’ level can be increased indefinitely by competing in weekly and daily challenges. Rayman Legends isn’t perfect, but it’s still a cracking game.

By Edge on 90

Modern 2D platformers rarely reward you for studying the scenery, but Legends teems with inspired flourishes, such as the purple Mini-taurs cleaning cavern floors in one Olympus Maximus stage – perhaps a winking reference to all the extra polish added during the game’s delay.

By GamesRadar on 90

By a few hours in, you'll have exhausted every synonym you know for "pretty." A few stages after that, "fun." And by the end, just one word will accurately describe the whole experience: "fantastic."