Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm

  • Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm
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  • Great guns.
  • Awesome Iconic Battles.
  • A lot of reality.


  • No one player campaign.
  • Minor bugs.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 80

Rising Storm from Tripwire Interactive takes Red Orchestra's bullet ridden battlefields to the far-east as we wage war on a new front. Gone are many of the bugs and stability issues that plagued Red Orchestra on release, leaving behind a tight,...

By IGN on 83

Well-designed maps, two dramatically different sides in the Americans and Japanese, and authentic feeling weapons make Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm an excellent and unique-feeling first-person shooter. It just needs more players, and a little patience. For $20, it’s one of the best military FPS games I’ve played. I’d say it deserves both.

By PCGamer on 86

A gritty, brutal WWII shooter that uses its scale, setting, and fidelity to great effect.

By Meristation on 86

La lastima es que por falta de recursos se tomara la decisión de no incluir campaña para un solo jugador que hubiera sido la guinda del pastel. Pero hay una cosa clara: si buscas revivir un poco de esa tensión que se vivió en las batallas del pacifico sur, si buscas realismo por encima de correcalles sin cabeza, Rising Storm es tu juego.

By EmphaticGaming on 85

Overall it is a very enjoyable game and while the learning curve can be a bit steep for new players and the graphics are amazing it can be quite a lot of fun and for a price of $20 on steam at the moment (with discounts for owners of RO2) I would highly recommend checking this out.

By MMOGames on 90

If you like your shooters to be more realistic and take teamwork seriously, then I can offer nothing but praise for Rising Storm and recommend you purchase your own copy as soon as possible.

By EuroGamer DE on 80

Es kommt nicht immer auf die größeren Kanonen an und Rising Storm verdeutlicht das sehr gut. Wenn ihr also ausreichend Geduld mitbringt, lernbegierig seid und nicht gleich ins Keyboard beißt, wenn ihr nach einem Treffer zu Boden geht, ist Rising Storm genau euer Spiel. Und die Red-Orchestra-Veteranen unter euch wissen ja im Grunde sowieso schon, was sie hier erwartet.

By OrdinaryGamer UK on 85

Overall, at a price of $15 it offers a great expansion that more gamers need to take a look at and try out for a more realistic experience. You can’t fault Tripwire Interactive for the lukewarm reception to Rising Storm; they made a solid multiplayer game that caters to a niche audience in today’s hold-down fire and sprint audience.

By GatherYourParty on 70

To newcomers, grabbing Rising Storm is probably worth it for $20, but the biggest deal-breaker would probably be the amount of bugs in the game. If you can deal with climbing the mountain of bugs in the game, Rising Storm presents a very fun and unique experience. I enjoyed it, and I continue to play it, but I am still left with a very odd...

By TheAnalogShtick on 90

It takes the great mechanics and atmosphere from Red Orchastra 2 and adds new (better) maps and weapons. It’s well worth picking up if you have the patience for it. It’s a terrible shame that most people, don’t.

By SteamContest on 85

Overall a great game to start your Red Orchestra career with, if you haven’t already, and a must-buy for fans.

By BoothHammer on 90

Rising Storm simply improves upon the realistic formula that has gathered an impressive following for the gritty and authentic gameplay experience delivered by this franchise. Fans of flamethrowers and bayonets alike can rejoice, your game is here.

By NerdAge on 85

That being said it delivers the same level of visceral, exciting combat that RO2 did while putting a new focus on open areas mixed with close quarters combat. If you have not played the current series we highly suggest you take a look at it on Steam. If you have played it then you know how good the previous game was and this is more of the same.

By TruePCGaming on 85

The landscapes are different from the usual urban environments of Red Orchestra 2 in that there’s a lot of fighting in the jungles. It’s hard to tell what you’re shooting at because of all the foliage. Those battlefields are what makes the experience amazing because it makes you alert at all times. Rising Storm makes you tense and quite effortlessly too.

By TekSyndicate on 90

Nothing in it is forced on you, nothing’s artificial. It’s so authentic that I’d say it borders on more of a tribute than a game, but it’s still a blast. If you’re looking for a good, immersive, competitive FPS, then look no further. I hate numbered rating systems, so I’ll simply leave Rising Storm with a rating of...Damned Good Fun.

International Review By on 78

Мужская работа По-настоящему сложных и продуманных шутеров сразу и не назовешь. Если в гонках прослеживается четкая градация на аркады, симуляторы и что-то среднее (например, GRID, серия Forza), то шутеры по какой-то вселенской несправедливости...

International Review By on 80

Lässt man einmal die angestaubte Grafik und die wenigen Neuerungen bei Seite, dann entpuppt sich Rising Storm als solider Multiplayer-Shooter, der vor allem Fans realistischer Action ein fettes Grinsen ins Gesicht zaubert. Darüber hinaus wissen die...

International Review By on

Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm РазработчикTripwire Interactive ИздательTripwire Interactive Официальный сайт Дата выходаМай 2013 Локализатор1С-СофтКлаб ЖанрСетевой шутер Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad относится к категории...