Republique Remastered Episode 3: Ones and Zeros




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By Destructoid on 65

AMICABLE - A presentable but unmemorable time. Focusing on the bright spots helps, and I appreciate the effort, but I won't be playing this repeatedly. How we score: The Destructoid Reviews...

By Polygon on 85

While Ones and Zeroes doesn't completely change the formula for Republique, I continue to be impressed by Camouflaj's willingness to add mechanics and expand the game with each new episode. The series has grown from a scrappy stealth contender into what increasingly feels like an essential exploration of video game dystopias. If you were still on the fence, it's time to catch up.

By Gaming Nexus on 80

In the past year or so, there have been a lot of mobile-to-PC ports of varying degrees of quality and success. Deus Ex: The Fall has to be the low point; its planned episodic structure was already cut far too short, and when it arrived on PC, the game...

By on

You have to feel sorry for the stealth genre. Too often the label is slapped on otherwise run-and-gun experiences simply because they have a crouch button and, if they're really daring, dim lighting. As so many stab-happy protagonists forget, it's the...

By PC Gamer on

By Jordan Erica WebberNot enough games explore the distance between player and protagonist. In République Remastered, a visually overhauled version of the episodic mobile game, the relationship is laid bare. The hero of the story is Hope, a prisoner in a...

International Review By on

Republique Remastered РазработчикCamouflaj ИздательCamouflaj Официальный сайт Дата выходаФевраль 2015 ЖанрПриключенческая игра В последнее время Steam стал пристанищем для игр с совершенно разных платформ. К более поздним релизам консольных...

International Review By on

Alors que le jeu était initialement développé sous Unity 4, les développeurs de chez Camouflaj ont profité de la sortie récente d'une mise à jour du moteur (Unity 5 donc) pour faire un petit lifting à République. Logiquement renommé République...