Resident Evil: Revelations

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  • Soli HD remaster of the 3Ds game.
  • Classic Resident Evil gameplay.
  • Exciting sense of gameplay and storytelling that always keep you wanting to see more.


  • No remarkable enhancements.
  • Revelations has a gigantic, inexcusable flaw: At times, it makes you play as that big doofus Chris Redfield.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 60

A streamlined horror that makes a refreshing change of pace from the rapidly decaying...

By on 75

I might sound like I'm being a little rough of it, but I had a great time with Resident Evil: Revelations. Best part is, I want to jump right back in after reviewing it. It has its problems, mostly from a pacing point in the narrative and flow between...

By HardwareHeaven on 80

Video review without...

By GameSpot on 65

Outside of the campaign, there's Raid mode, an opportunity to fight off enemies solo or with another player, and though the process of leveling up and earning points with which you can purchase more and better gear is predictably compelling, the combat still lacks the spark of scariness that infused the action of earlier Resident Evil entries.

By Digital Trends on 80

Poor, poor Resident Evil: Revelations . When the handheld story in Capcom's aged horror series came out at the beginning of 2012, there was no end to its bad luck. First, it arrived for the Nintendo 3DS during a period when Nintendo was still desperately...

By GameSpot on 65

Resident Evil: Revelations plays a lot like the best games in the series, but lacks the scariness and intensity that made those games...

By Cheat Code Central on 76

Throughout my time in Resident Evil: Revelations, there was one three-word phrase that popped into my head repeatedly – “For a port.” I would think, “the graphics are pretty good on this game, for a port.” Or, “this plays really well, for a port.”...

By InsideGamingDaily on 80

So much of what makes Resident Evil: Revelations work is how Capcom plays it safe with level designs and gameplay mechanics. That said, the new characters and the bio scanner help turn the game into something more than a well made by-the-numbers Resident Evil.

By EuroGamer on 70

This HD edition builds subtly on the 3DS foundations, but thankfully doesn't crush them under the needless AAA junk that has dragged the series so far off course. That leaves a game that is just rough enough around the edges to win over fans who still pine for the series' heyday, and suggests the saga might yet come back to life.

By GameInformer on 88

Revelations has a lot to offer fans of the series and players looking for a more evenly paced, thoughtful shooter. The new content, including an entertaining challenge-based two-player co-op mode, along with dual-analog stick control make this the definitive version of Resident Evil: Revelations.

By EGM on 85

While it doesn’t completely escape the shortcomings of its original outing, Capcom’s HD-ified version of Resident Evil: Revelations is still as fun and enthralling as it was on the 3DS - while now also benefitting from the improvements in controls, visuals, and audio that other gaming platforms can offer.

By OnlySP on 80

Overall, Resident Evil Revelations is a return to form for the series. It is perhaps the best game since Resident Evil 4, and definitely the most survival horror focused. If you can ignore the obvious technical limitations and slight gameplay adaptations built into the game to fit it onto the 3DS, you’ll find that Revelations is a genuinely good Resident Evil game, and a return to a more survival horror mindset for the series.

By VideoGamer on 70

Resident Evil Revelations HD is a great port of a good game that has a few problems, the result being something well worth picking up if you're looking for some decent home console Resi action, or just something to get rid of the lingering taste of Resident Evil 6. Although this re-release is somewhat surprising, it is far from unpleasant.

By GamesRadar on 70

But there's something refreshingly terrifying about staring down a faceless, leech-tongued shambler, or fleeing for your life from a razor-toothed water beetle that's as big as a sack of potatoes.

By NowGamer on 75

A reminder of the kind of tense survival horror Resident Evil can deliver, brought to a wider audience in HD.

By Destructoid on 70

However, it's still a fine game and still the best Resident Evil game available right now, and if you've not played it already, you truly ought to. If you've already tried it on 3DS, there's not a lot to bring you back, but any other Resident Evil fan would be best served giving it a go.

By TrustedReviews on 70

A solid transfer from handheld to home console only cements Revelations’ position as the best Resident Evil in a generation. The poor monster AI and truncated levels hold us back from a whole-hearted recommendation, but with a strong setting, a reasonable coherent plot and plenty of atmosphere, this remake reminds you of why we loved Resi in the first place.

By Trusted Reviews on 70

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested), Wii U Presumably, Capcom has by now finished the miserable process of post-mortem on the sprawling and ambitious Resident Evil 6 that collapsed under its own unnecessary weight. Split into three interlocking stories -...

By Gaming Nexus on 74

A high-definition PC port of a Nintendo 3DS game, Resident Evil: Revelations fails to offer any earth-shattering answers for longtime fans of the franchise. What they'll get instead is a modestly sized thriller with an annoying cast of characters and a...

International Review By on 80

Ganz ehrlich: Die HD-Umsetzung von Resident Evil: Revelations sieht nicht gerade hübsch aus. Matschige Texturen, polygonarme Figuren und hässliche Effekte erinnern an die Ursprungszeiten der Zombie-Saga. Aber was ich auch ganz ehrlich meine: Das ist mir...