Retro City Rampage

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  • Tons of fun references.
  • Driving around the city is enjoyable.
  • Visual tweaks add a lot.


  • Ridiculous difficulty spikes.
  • Too many failed jokes.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 40

I was looking into the emulator scene recently, and was struck by the investment those Dr Frankensteins are willing to put into piecing together, patching up and reviving their favourite dead games and hardware. Weeks upon months upon years of these...

By GameSpy on 50

At first, it's all very charming, but with the frustrations that come with difficulty spikes and often clunky controls, it gets old very quick. We don't play games for the same reason we go to museums, and RCR makes that frustratingly clear.

By IGN on 53

There's plenty to like about Retro City Rampage from its nods to our childhoods to its easy to get behind gameplay to its arcade mini-games, but the story -- the main hook of the title -- just doesn't stand up. Player's quest is just an excuse to get to the next reference, the missions tend to be cheap, and checkpoints aren't forgiving.

By ZTGD on 88

Everything plays well, and there is a ton of content to keep you busy for a good long time. If you’re a kid of the 80s and 90s you should really consider picking this game up.

By IncGamers on 80

At times this difficulty is taken too far, and there’s a touch of arrogance to the way it self-identifies sections it knows to be weaker or a bit dull (instead of just, you know, improving them), but the outstanding presentation and attention to detail gives RCR an awful lot of goodwill to burn.

By GameSpot on 70

The ride's a little rough at times, but Retro City Rampage's blend of open-world action and 8-bit style is goofy, novel...

By The Verge on 60

It's incredibly sweet and delicious, but the longer time you spend with the thing, the more the sugary goodness mashes into one consistent and familiar flavor -- not as great as any one of its individual parts.

By Cheat Code Central on 84

I feel the need to open this review with a disclaimer. I grew up in a simpler time of gaming, one in which games were relentlessly and unfairly difficult, 8-bit sprites were the norm, and our ears were tickled with the sweet sounds of bleeps and...

By Vandal on 90

Bien es cierto que podría haber sido más largo (el juego no anda nada mal de contenidos, aunque nos hemos quedado con ganas de mucho más), que el control en teclado se podría haber pulido más, que la conducción de los vehículos podría ser más intuitiva y que la traducción al español podría ser infinitas veces mejor...