Ridge Racer: Unbounded

  • Ridge Racer: Unbounded
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  • Well designed tracks that reward destruction.
  • Satisfying takedown system.
  • Jumping your car out of exploding buildings.


  • Unintuitive track creator.
  • Cinematic replays come at expense of gameplay.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 70

If ever there was an an advocate for the inclusion of thorough tutorials in videogames, they’ll likely illustrate their point with Ridge Racer Unbounded for years to come. As much as we bemoan too much hand-holding in modern gaming, Unbounded takes...

By PC Gamer on

FlatOut was a stunt racer with a mode in which players attempted to launch their drivers through the windscreen of their cars and over obstacles. Ridge Racer is best remembered as an arcade racer about blue skies and power slides. These two games...

By Techgage on

The racing physics in Unbounded are solid, as long as you don't expect any sort of realism. The control is tight, and successful drifting is easy to pull off. While there are many things you can run into that will stop you in your tracks, most...

By GameSpot on 80

Ridge Racer Unbounded is, as its name suggests, Ridge Racer without limits. Your cars are no longer simple drifting machines, but tools of destruction, and the fictitious, urban tracks of Shatter Bay are your calamitous playground. Cars leap, streets...

By firstpost.com on 85

Ridge Racer Unbounded (RRU) may carry the Ridge Racer moniker but it’s a far cry from any Ridge Racer game you’ve played in the past. Drifting still plays a crucial part in the latest from Bugbear Entertainment but by adding in a whole lot of...

By New Game Network on 64

Racing games can often feel as if they are held hostage to their own genre. There’s only so much you can do with a game that involves cars and getting from point A to point B. Needless to say, there are some very talented and creative developers out...

By T3 Magazine on 60

It’s certainly not the prettiest racing game, in fact it looks a little dated in places and with controls that can be either infuriating or a joy to use it sometimes feels a little unsteady. Add to that a completely unoriginal set of landscapes and...

International Review By techtudo.com.br on 60

Ridge Racer Unbounded é o retorno da franquia de corridas da Namco Bandai para os consoles desta geração. A tentativa de implementar elementos de sucesso de outros títulos não deu certo e acarretou em um game com uma jogabilidade dura, gráficos medianos...

International Review By computertotaal.nl on 70

Ridge Racer Unbounded is een game met twee gezichten. Aan de ene kant heeft de game een enorme potentie met de uitgebreide editor, snelle laadtijden en energieke gameplay. Aan de andere kant gaat de gameplay helaas wel erg snel vervelen, gezien het de...

International Review By fwdmagazine.be on

Weinig games kunnen zo'n herkenbaar spelconcept op tafel leggen als Ridge Racer. Deze rasechte arcaderacer laat je met plezier doorheen de bochten driften van fantasierijke circuits die alle verbeelding tarten. Ridge Racer Unbounded neemt een radicale...

International Review By HardwareMX on

Había una vez un juego llamado Flatout, su encanto residía en la posibilidad de chocar contra los diversos obstáculos de la pista (con poca penalización en términos de velocidad) y en poder destruir los autos de la competencia. Además tenía modos de...

International Review By almodi.org on

Если посмотреть на предыдущие игры разработчика Bugbear Game Engine, в лице обоих частей FlatOut, то понимаешь, что Ridge Racer Unbounded далеко не идеал. От создателя таких игр ожидалась, как минимум, добротная аркада, в которую можно играть бесконечно,...

International Review By 3dnews.ru on 86

Автор не играл в предыдущие игры серии Ridge Racer. Он не знает о них ничего, кроме того факта, что Namco никогда не отдавала ни одну из них на откуп сторонним студиям-разработчикам. В случае с Ridge Racer Unbounded традицию нарушили – видимо, Bugbear...

International Review By Gamezoom.net on 70

Die einsteigerfreundliche Steuerung, der umfangreiche Editor und die spektakulären Crashes/Explosionen sorgen dafür, dass Ridge Racer: Unbounded auch nach mehreren Spielstunden noch Spaß macht. Neue Maßstäbe setzt der neue Namco Bandai Racer aber nicht....

International Review By gizmodo.fr on

La série Ridge Racer, c'est un peu l'emblème du jeu de course automobile arcade. Avec ses drifts surréalistes sur des circuits qui s'y prêtent à merveille, son égérie virtuelle Reiko Nagase et sa techno à l'ancienne, c'était le roi de la course en arcade...