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  • Accessible yet challenging.
  • Compelling sense of progression.
  • Good balance of nostalgia and modern design.


  • No real variety in melee weaponry.
  • Some may be turned off by the high level of difficulty early game.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Joystiq on 90

Rogue Legacy isn't a flawless experience - eventually, traversing the castle interior grows a bit repetitive, some of the classes are too similar to justify their inclusion and despite being more user-friendly than its "roguelike" contemporaries, Rogue Legacy can still present a daunting learning curve - but it is a master class on efficient, fun game design.

By DigitalTrends on 80

Rogue Legacy hooks you immediately with speedy action, and keeps you hooked with deep character building and exploration.

By Digital Trends on 80

Two ways in which the addictive power of a drug is measured: how quickly the high goes into effect and how difficult it is for the user to stop using. The buzz of coffee, the spins of a cigarette, and the heady boldness of beer take instant effect; the...

By Mac|Life on 90

Rogue Legacy balances the impermanence of its characters and environments with a persistent leveling system, seamlessly drawing multiple genres into a charming whole. A clever concept executed near-flawlessly, Rogue Legacy is a treat. 1 of 5 Rogue...

By on 80

Rogue Legacy is described as being a genealogical rogue-“LITE” game. The sub-genre of Roguelike has seen something of a comeback in the indie games scene in recent months; games such as Faster Than Light, Don't starve and Sword of the Stars: The Pit have...

By EuroGamer on 80

This combination - and some wonderful detailing in the enemy design - ultimately saves the whole thing from that sense of emptiness that can set in during the middle of a loot-grinding adventure where you feel you've seen a good proportion of what the game offers and now you're just trying to raise your stats and plough on to the end.

By PCAdvisor on 80

With no fat on its bones but plenty of wit and tons of variety despite its simple nature, Rogue Legacy is an apparently effortless combo of platforming and role-playing.

By PC Advisor on 80

Another triumph for the 'one great idea' model of gaming that's been so resurgent lately, Rogue Legacy dispenses with visual fanciness or taking itself at all seriously in favour of adding new purpose to the age-old platforming formula. What...

By GameSpot on 85

Even when its bosses lay defeated, the game continues to heap tons of gameplay onto your PC with a more difficult New Game Plus mode and more secrets to find. It's no wonder why so many generations of heroes spent years exploring this castle, because it's easily worth you spending many hours with it.

By HookedGamers on 87

Despite the occasional control annoyance and underdeveloped trait system, this is a fantastic game that I am going to spend many more hours with to continue building my legacy.

By iLLGaming on 75

If you miss the old simple style of gameplay and just want to have fun for a few hours with a challenging yet simple game with a great sense of progress for both short and long gameplay sessions. This is the game for you.

By GamelogicalSociety on 80

When we write the narratives of our own lives, one natural inclination is to view it as a story with a concrete beginning and end. Legacy is a compelling exploration of what happens when we add a “To Be Continued…” after the final act.

By GameSpot on 85

Rogue Legacy is an immensely rewarding action game that strikes a terrific balance between permadeath and...

By ParableGames on 90

You really can’t afford to not pick up this unbelievable package, I also highly recommend picking up the soundtrack because it is also well worth it.

By Softpedia on 80

Rogue Legacy can be an addictive game, with FTL a distant cousin in terms of overall experience, and although I have seen about 90 characters die before my eyes, I still have more castle secrets to uncover.

By Gamer NO on 90

Rogue Legacy passer definitivt ikke for alle, og jeg vil ikke anbefale det til spillere som blir fort frustrerte. Dersom du er ute etter en utfordring er dette perfekt.

By GameTrailers on 84

Superbly designed and balanced, this game rides the line of frustration and fun to deliver that one-more-go feel that will have every barbarian king and queen roaring a battle cry, then gearing up to take on that ancient evil one more time.

By IndieGameMagazine on 90

For any fans of Rogue-like games or those just interested in a more challenging hack and slash platformer Rogue Legacy should be just what the doctors has ordered, offering a suitable challenge for a very reasonable price of just $15.

By NowGamer on 80

As addicting as it comes, Rogue Legacy's entertainment value is near-infinite, only let down by its hackneyed appearance.

By Polygon on 90

No matter how many times I died, I was immediately pulled back in by the promise of more powerful weapons, shinier armor and game-changing skills - all waiting for me if I could just pull together a little more gold. Rogue Legacy rewarded my patience and tenacity; that's a lesson any developer can take from its twisted family tree.