Sam & Max: Episode 2 - The Devils Toy Box - The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

  • Sam & Max: Episode 2 - The Devils Toy Box - The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
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  • Shift through time, play as Sam and Max’s great grandfathers Sammak and Maximus and see the ancestors of your favorite characters.
  • Nonlinear game play, great story, Baby Amelia Earhart.


  • Confusing with the shifting of time frames and a bit difficult at times.
  • Easy to get lost and Baby Amelia Earhart.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Yet Another Review Site on 90

The Tomb of Sammun' Mak is the second instalment in the third series of Telltale's Sam & Max episodic adventure games. This episode sees Sam & Max controlling their great, great uncles (or something along those lines) Samus & Maximus, who are almost...

By Gamervision on 85

Continuing Telltale's promise to deliver nonstop shocks and cliffhangers in Sam & Max Season 3, the second episode concluded with what might be the biggest surprise in the series' history since Max became president in an emergency election. Sam, after...

By GamerTell on 98

What do a toy box, an ancient mummy and a bunch of mole-people have in common? Why the second episode of Sam and Max, of course. In this episode, you don’t control Sam or Max but, instead, their great grandfathers Sammak and Maximus. The game...

By on 80

There's a lot to like about this episode but my favorite part about it is that it actually gives us a bit of a break from the regular Sam and Max routine. The old-time style is a great change of pace for the series' visuals and the film reel mechanic...

By Blogcritics on 80

Sam & Max: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak for the PC is the latest episode in Telltale Games' Sam & Max series The Devil's Playhouse. The release of episodic content has proved a success for Telltale; does the good fortune continue in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak?...

By Neoseeker on

With an evil general bent on conquering the universe now pushed aside, the freelance police inspect the mystery behind their skeletal doppelgangers. Season 3 of The Devils Playhouse has brought many twists and turns; today we look at a new toy that...

By Cheat Code Central on 76

Sam & Max's second episode is a remarkable improvement over the first. We have new areas to explore, a completely new cast of characters, new Toys of Power, and even a completely new era: the days of Sam and Max's treasure-hunting, grave-robbing...

By Armchair Empire on 90

After dispatching the alien invader Skun-ka’pe in a sci-fi flavored adventure to debut their third season, Sam and Max take a decidedly twisted “mystery tour” blast into the past in the second episode, The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. The Freelance...

By Gamers Daily News on 70

The previous episode in this point-and-click adventure series showed us Telltale isn’t afraid of making drastic changes. Giving Max various psychic powers was a bold choice that could have sunk the season if done poorly, but they got it mostly right...

By GamingShogun on

Sam and Max are back and starring in the second episode of The Devil’s Playhouse, The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. It feels like only a month ago I had the pleasure of playing through episode one, The Penal Zone. Oh wait, it WAS only a month ago! See that,...

International Review By on 79

Es geht weiter: Nach dem furiosen Start in die nunmehr dritte Staffel gönnen euch die beiden verrückten Detektive Sam und Max keine Pause....