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  • One of the few 3D RTS space games on the market, Good, yet crazily overwritten, script establishes the campaign story.


  • Abysmal production values, Too much of the campaign storytelling is conveyed through text, Space combat is only superficially 3D, Most of your toughest combat will be with the terrible camera system.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN Gear on 43

Sins of a Solar Empire is a hard act for another space RTS to follow. Considering IGN PC recently bestowed it the highest honor we could give it (Game of the Year), Clear Crown Studios Shattered Suns has some big shoes to fill. While the core design...

By Games Radar on 40

Clear Crown Studios promises a revolution in real-time space strategy games with Shattered Suns, but doesn’t explain how double-right-clicking to move your units is supposed to make combat any more interesting. This still feels as badly paced and...

By GameSpot on 40

Shattered Suns wastes its promise with terrible presentation values and poor implementation of its 3D combat system....

By Cheat Code Central on 44

Shattered Suns seems to have begun life as an overly-ambitious project, only to have the developers run out of steam (or money) somewhere along the way. It's a shell of a game. It fails at almost everything it attempts. There are those that will...