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  • Interesting puzzles with many solutions.
  • Visually and audibly impressive.
  • New objects are introduced at a healthy rate.


  • Inconsistent challenge factor.
  • Repetitive look and sound.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Yet Another Review Site on 60

Get ready to take a whole lot of picturesWhen I first loaded up Snapshot, I had zero knowledge as to what the game was about, what the aim of the game was and what made it different from being just another 2D platformer. You control Pic, a lonesome robot...

By ThunderBolt on 50

Snapshot is not a title where you can sit down and expect to strap yourself in for an instant gratifying haul.

By IGN on 50

Snapshot, along with a lot of games like it, is a bit unfortunate. There are so many puzzle-platformers out there now, that a game has to be much more than just competent to distinguish itself at all.

By IGR on 80

With over a hundred levels spread across four environment types there is more than enough to do in Snapshot. While the puzzles themselves do get off to a slow start, the game soon begins to make surprisingly broad use of what is a reasonably basic core gameplay concept.

By DestrucToid on 85

The puzzles and photography definitely overshadow the platforming, but generally they are so well integrated that the whole package is very solid. Unlike my wall. Which still has a hole in it.

By Gamespot on 75

At its best moments, Snapshot is a delightful adventure. The variety of ways in which you use items makes you continually think up new ideas, and some are so silly that it's hard not to smile.

By GameSpot on 75

Clever puzzles keep Snapshot feeling fresh throughout, but frustration still surfaces to waylay your...

By PCAdvisor on 80

Snapshot could be accused of trying a little to hard to look and feel like a 90s console game, but there's no denying just how great its central idea is, and just how deftly it's implemented. Charming and ingenious.

By EdgeOnline on 80

Beyond your first run, of course, there’s always the lure of the time trial waiting for you as well, suggesting Retro Affect’s seemingly gentle approach to design is a little more hot-blooded than you might initially expect.

International Review By Skillpoint on 60

Snapshot har varit på gång under en lång tid och har tillsammans med Fez och andra efterlängtade indietitlar ofta benämnts som ett evighetsprojekt. Men nu är det alltså äntligen här efter många om och men. Så vad är det egentligen så många sett fram...