Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

  • Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
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  • Satisfying zombie headshots.
  • Fun four-player co-op.


  • Gameplay gets monotonous.
  • Repetitive level design and enemy types.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 70

The Sniper Elite format has found favour with many a gamer, with it being generally a serious game where you go up against the German forces in World War 2. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is, however, something else entirely.Although you are still in the...

By StrategyInformer on 65

Whilst there’s little in the way of tactical depth to sustain the action beyond the initial rush, Rebellion’s sniping and killcam mechanics remain an interesting and satisfying prospect in the short-term.

By Strategy Informer on 65

For all the promise that Sniper Elite: V2 showed with its bullet-time organ-bursting weapon-fetishistic take on long range combat, it was equally hampered in terms of production values and AI, setting its controversial combat in a procession of...

By Metro UK on 40

Cheap, obvious, and unambitious but the zombie theme does at least help to circumvent the technical problems of the original, and offer up some novel co-op options.

By XGN on 75

Hoewel er gameplaytechnisch wat eentonigheid op te merken is, maakt de co-op in combinatie met het uiterlijk van de game een hoop goed. Samen met de goede soundtrack krijg je een game die voor een mooi prijsje een heerlijke multiplayer-ervaring aflevert. Well done, Rebellion!

By EuroGamer SP on 70

Aunque margina demasiado al jugador solitario, es el perfecto anfitrión para un grupo de jugadores sin más pretensiones que ver volar un par de cabezas por los aires. Además, no se hace querer demasiado, no llega a los once euros. Rebellion se ha subido al tren de la moda zombi tarde, pero con dignidad -cosa que no todos pueden decir.

By Thunderbolt on 70

The crippling condition that makes the experience stale and repetitive is quickly remedied by the presence of buddies. Only then, when you and your friends enter an open plaza, when the fog rolls in and the music gets louder, and the Nazi zombies rise up, does this game truly shine.

By HookedGamers on 60

Certainly it is an ethically solid choice for a shooter, given that you are shooting at dead things and not humans. Even the x-ray slow-mo kill cam feels less disgusting this way.

By DigitalChumps on 56

Rebellion probably didn’t spend as much time and money developing the Sniper Elite series as Valve did with L4D. There are safe houses though. The co-op is not a make, nor is it a break. I just hope you have luck finding a game.

By EuroGamer IT on 70

Del resto, non sembra nemmeno lecito pretendere il livello qualitativo di titoli tripla A da un gioco venduto su Steam a undici euro e che, tutto sommato, fa abbastanza bene il suo sporco lavoro di divertire, pur senza proporre chissà quale innovazione nel settore degli zombie game.

By DarkZero on 70

But Nazi Zombie Army really isn’t that. Sure it has some shortcomings with its scripted AI design and linear levels, but at a cheap entry price of £9.99 and some solid cooperative gameplay, this is for gamers looking for some fun with friends. If you are, then you should give it a shot, as I think you will find it a pleasantly surprising cooperative game.

By SpazioGames on 75

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army funziona e diverte, ma se pensate di giocarlo solo in singolo togliete almeno un punto dalla valutazione finale.

By GameSpot on 60

You may find more enjoyment in going after a high leaderboard score, earning more points for success kills at longer ranges. It's a fun game with friends, but most of the action is as brainless as the undead hordes you're slaughtering.

By GameSpot on 60

This stand-alone zombie expansion for Sniper Elite V2 can be a lot of fun in four-player co-op, but the action gets monotonous over...

By GameInformer on 80

I expected this spinoff to be a quick cash-in of popular themes, but I found myself pleasantly surprised by just how exciting Nazi Zombie Army can be.

By Vandal on 79

Guarda bastantes horas de juego –que dependerán de la habilidad de cada uno– y se perfila como una elección idónea para quienes la saga principal les resulta muy pausada, o para quienes necesitan un juego con el que pasar un buen rato con amigos. Para estos últimos, por cierto, hay un paquete de cuatro licencias al precio de tres en Steam.

International Review By on

Нельзя сказать, что оригинальная игра Sniper Elite была прямо таким уж шедевром. Так, проходной середнячок, который, в общем-то, не оставил заметного следа в истории. Тем не менее, она, судя по всему, оказалась достаточно успешной в коммерческом плане,...

International Review By on

Tarina on kaikessa kauneudessaan lumoava. Adolf Hitler kyttää bunkkerissaan vuonna 1945. Berliini on piiritetty eikä lopullinen voitto ole soittanut. Niinpä Hitler käskee: toteuttakaa Operaatio Z. Sen avulla liittoutuneet on vielä mahdollista...