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  • Top-tier graphics and music.
  • Most solid implementation of "modern" Sonic yet.
  • Full Steam integration.


  • Simple boss fights are a letdown.
  • Inconsequential unlockables.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 80

I have a very love-hate relationship with Sonic The Hedgehog. I desperately want to like his recent games but they far too often give me feelings of extreme pain and anger. It’s therefore fitting that Sonic Generations, as a celebration of 20 years of...

By Pocket-lint on 80

A triumphant return for the blue hedgehog, and finally a game Sonic fans can be proud...

By GameSpy on 80

Pros: Top-tier graphics and music; most solid implementation of "modern" Sonic yet; full Steam integration.

Cons: Simple boss fights are a letdown; inconsequential unlockables; not enough Classic stages!

By on 85

It feels refreshing to be able to say that Sonic is good again. His upward trajectory over the last year continues and he’s only gaining momentum. Sonic Generations is largely a game for the most hardcore of Sonic fans, but for the millions who have...

By GameZone on 90

The game’s plot, while not deep by any means, is passable and puts the focus where it needs to be – on our two favorite hedgehogs. A mysterious force captures Sonic’s friends and dumps Sonic off in limbo, so it’s up to the Blue Blur (and his past...

International Review By on

Depuis le dernier Sonic Colours qui n'était, avouons-le, pas trop mal, les derniers meilleurs épisodes des aventures du hérisson bleu remontent à l'époque de la Dreamcast. Sonic Generations prône un retour aux sources avec une ambiance tant visuelle que...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Die Sidekicks des erfolgsverwöhnten Igel wechselten und wuchsen rasch an. Sein gefährlichster Widersacher blieb ihm aber über all die Jahre treu: Der schnauzbärtige Eggman (anfangs noch mit Dr. Robotnik betitelt) will bis heute jedermann in seelenlose...

International Review By on

Sonic Generations ist eine Geschmackssache. Zwar sind die alten Zwiste zwischen Mario- und Sonic-Fans längst beigelegt, aber dennoch ist der blaue Igel auf Speed längst nichts für Jedermann. Wer schnelle Fingerchen besitzt und einen Hang zum Sammeln von...