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  • Gameplay is well-balanced.
  • Visuals and sound capture the Warhammer 40k atmosphere well.
  • Captures the feeling of the Warhammer 40K setting very nicely.


  • Hotseat mode is effectively unplayable without a UI overhaul.
  • Enemy diversity suffers due to the Space Hulk setting and rules.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN on 67

Ultimately, Space Hulk is a fine game, a pleasant diversion. I rarely wanted to play more than one mission at a time, but I was also happy to return after a few hours. I’m have to doubt that there's much replay value to the 12 campaign missions, though multiplayer will extend their life considerably.

By EuroGamer on 60

The board game has been out of print since 2009, with copies selling for over £100, so this well-intentioned but scruffy recreation is the most affordable option for fans looking to relive the experience. That quirk of the market doesn't excuse the fact that Space Hulk could have - and should have - been better than this.

By GameSpot on 60

This is a satisfying game--especially to the longtime Warhammer 40K devotees who have been waiting for a new Space Hulk video game for nearly two decades--but it could have been so much more.

By GamingBolt on 30

If you're completely new to the Warhammer 40K lore, there's no reason to have Space Hulk as your first or even last experience. The price of admission is simply too high, and you're likely to have way more enjoyment from picking any of the aforementioned titles from Relic's reliable stable.

By GameSpot on 60

Adapting a board game for the PC is a tough task. Developers are faced with two big questions. Do we play it straight and narrow and just port the basic game? Or do we take advantage of all that the computer has to offer and rev things up with glitzy...

By Bit-Tech on 68

There's definitely a sense that some of the magic has been lost during Space Hulk's transition from tabletop to desktop, but that doesn't make it entirely redundant. Provided you've got a bit of patience and a friend to play it with, there's a good dose of fun to be had. Played alone or with people you don't know, however, it does lose its charm fairly quickly, which as it happens is not entirely unlike the experience of queuing.

By SpaceSector on 60

As an indie game, I understand some of these issues. The credits list is very small, and they have likely worked very hard to create this game. Unfortunately, perhaps due to licensing considerations or other issues, it just won’t offer a good value for most gamers at this point in time.

By fatducktech.com on

Games Workshop's Space Hulk is a classic tense Space Marines versus Genestealers board game. Transferring that to a video game was always going to be a challenge, and it's one that the latest attempt comes agonisingly close to realising properly.Fans of...

By USGamer on 90

A faithful recreation of the classic Games Workshop board game that's best enjoyed by hardcore fans who are able to look beyond its rather disappointing cosmetics and sometimes clumsy interface.

By TheGuardian on 60

No matter how rosy the spectacles, however, this is a good-enough version of a classic game rather than a great one. So we return to that humblebrag of a loading screen. This is the first Space Hulk videogame in 17 years. When you think about it like that, perhaps its makers should have spent a few more months polishing it and released a slightly better one.

By GamePlanet on 55

Space Hulk is remarkably faithful to the source material, something that works for and against it in equal measure. Altogether the game shows potential but feels undercooked.

By Strategy Informer on 50

Space Hulk has been around for quite a while. Full Control's new version isn't the first to try and recreate the board game, and thanks to the incredibly successful revival of XCOM last year, this turn based tactical combat game has been getting a lot...

By GameFront on 63

A few updates, a mission editor and a rework of hotseat mode further down the line, coupled with a drop to half the current price and Space Hulk would be an easy choice for those wanting a cheaper way to get into an otherwise rare and expensive board game.

By HuffPost tech on 80

But if you love Warhammer, or especially if you owned Space Hulk, it's a fun, worthwhile trip back in time. And there's no painting, stepping on plastic Genestealers or losing of dice to worry about.

By StrategyInformer on 60

I realise that this is because it's based on the board game, but just tracking names would be a nice little nod to continuity, and make the player care for their squad a little more than just seeing them as disposable pieces. One of XCOM's greatest strengths was how much you cared for your squad. When someone died it really mattered. Space Hulk has none of that.

International Review By techtudo.com.br on

Space Hulk é um jogo de estratégia para tabuleiro cultuado no mundo inteiro. Sua jogabilidade simples com comandos limitados foi até razoavelmente bem convertida para um jogo de computador. Entretanto, faltou dinamismo ao jogo, que não é nem um pouco...

International Review By dome.fi on

Space Hulk –lautapelin PC-käännöstä odotettiin vuosikausien ajan. Olihan peli hankalasti hankittavissa ja aika hidas pelata. Niinpä tarvittaessa virtuaalilaatikosta esiin vedettävä ja kaikkien saatavilla oleva versio tulisi varmasti tarpeeseen.Ja nyt...