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  • Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer.
  • Replayable campaign.
  • Great story.


  • No Michael Ironside.
  • Steals lots of ideas from elsewhere.

Expert reviews and ratings

By LanOC Reviews on

Freedom and customization permeate every facet of Blacklist and that is a refreshing thing to see as a gamer. Knowing that me and a friend could both play through the game and have completely different experiences is great in this age of carefully...

By Strategy Informer on 85

To say Splinter Cell: Conviction was controversial is like saying Kevin Conroy is the best voice of Batman – when it comes to the fan community it’s just f***ing true, don’t argue. Ditching the...

By PCGamer on 70

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is far from terrible, but it’s not the classic that Chaos Theory was and it learns the wrong lessons from Conviction. That said, this is the strongest the series has ever been in multiplayer, and for that reason – and for the few missions where its stealth pedigree clicks into place - it’s worth peeking into its darkened corners.

By New Game Network on 86

The best big-budget stealth game in years. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is cohesive with its narrative and level design. The gadgets are bested only by the enemies they are used against. Levels feature multiple pathways and sublime...

By HardOCP on

In this evaluation we are going to look at image quality in a brand new game. Splinter Cell: Blacklist , an action adventure game, developed and published by Ubisoft, was released on August 20th, 2013. Currently, this game holds a Metascore of 7.8 out of...

By PC World on 80

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the least stealthy Splinter Cell game to date, but it's still a solid and exceptionally fun action...

By Cheat Code Central on 86

I’ve always wanted to like Splinter Cell. It was that series of games I wanted to play but the fanboy in me refused to let that happen. I was a Metal Gear fan and always had to scoff at the “other stealth series.” That was how the lesser,...

By EuroGamer on 80

Spies vs Mercs saves Blacklist from the ignominy of being merely good. Like Hitman Absolution last year, the campaign feels like a fun game bogged down by its desire to look like a stylish action thriller; it's cavalier with its politics and your time, and on occasions you'll wonder why you bothered to negotiate with these terrorists.

By Kotaku on

The question of where we might be going remains unanswered. Maybe someday, someone will be able to craft a Splinter Cell game that finally steps outside the often enjoyable but increasingly tired rut in which the series finds itself. Until then we have Blacklist, tying up loose ends before finally - hopefully - moving on.

By Edge on 60

By the time you reach the end of Blacklist everything has grown so big and so explosive that you’re left exhausted but not entirely satisfied, and maybe after all that incoherent action you’ll recall the time when a single flashlight in Chaos Theory’s Panamanian bank made you hold your breath. Ten men searching for Fisher doesn’t make for ten times...

By Joystiq on 100

Patiently waiting in a room for a guard to move may sound like the opposite of an exhilarating experience, but it's the tension of planning coupled with execution that makes Splinter Cell Blacklist such a winner. Blacklist's multiple methods of enemy engagement brings Ubisoft's grizzled veteran spy to an outstanding new frontier, giving players the best game in the franchise's history.

By VideoGamer on 90

Purists may struggle with Blacklist simply due to how it toys with stealth. Given that it's still the game's core, and that its suite of modes, especially online, are damn entertaining, though, mean it's a solid finale to this generation's Splinter Cell.

By Polygon on 85

But there’s an amount of finesse and strategy that goes beyond the basic run and gun of other multiplayer titles. And Blacklist doesn’t do much to ease players into those systems, unless you count the campaign. I worry that the playerbase Blacklist will need for multiplayer to find traction might not stick around.

By GameTrailers on 90

Despite these minor issues however, Splinter Cell Blacklist impresses with its scope and versatility. Level designs aren't limited to paint-by-numbers solutions, and the game not only gives you the option to play how you want, but pushes you to perfect your play-style. Splinter Cell Blacklist provides clear evidence that Sam Fisher needn't go back into retirement just yet.

By Stuff on 80

Borrowing heavily from other titles and earlier games in the series, Splinter Cell Blacklist doesn’t feel particularly fresh or unique. It does, however, offer a compelling mix of stealth and action, and a varied and exciting series of missions to test your skills in. Despite its lack of originality (and abundance of cliché), there’s plenty to enjoy...

By TSA on 80

It might not have the most imaginative of plots and the delivery of that narrative is just okay but it’s not supposed to be anything too deep – it’s a summer blockbuster. In those terms, Splinter Cell: Blacklist succeeds at every turn thanks to Ubisoft Toronto’s impressive balancing of stealth and action that is, as yet, unmatched in this genre.

By TrustedReviews on 80

Blacklist is far from the disaster many feared. While you can play it as an all-out action game, you’ll find the going tough, and it’s still best played with a more stealthy approach. Do so, and you’ll discover a Splinter Cell that harks back to the series’ highpoint, Chaos Theory.

By InsideGamingDaily on 90

Splinter Cell: Blacklist both rewards players for focusing on one infiltration style while also encouraging experimenting with others. This kind of play-as-you-like approach isn’t new, but it’s hard to think of another game that means it with such certainty as Blacklist. ‘Mark and Execute’ only enhances this game’s comprehensive multi-mode design.

By T3 Magazine on 80

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the best entry in Ubisoft's stealth series since Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was released back in 2005. While that may sound like unreserved praise, veterans of this series will know that it's a recommendation that comes with...

International Review By digit.in on 70

Splinter Cell: Blacklist isn't perfect, but it is damn near it. The game puts the emphasis back on stealth, without making it an overtly forced style of game-play. The choice still does rest with the player on how to go about a mission (although some...