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  • Aggressive A.I.
  • Exciting ship design possibilities
  • You meet interesting races, listen to their stories, and obliterate them.


  • Excruciating endgame.
  • Terrible tutorial.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 70

“StarDrive” is squarely in the space-based 4X tradition of MoO and GalCiv. If you have played a game in that genre, you will be immediately familiar with “StarDrive”. It does nothing really new, and does not advance the genre in any important way. It is...

By PCGamer on 78

StarDrive is mostly the work of one man. Yet the point about being an impartial reviewer is that you don’t take into consideration the heart- string tugs of human interest, but look at the end product. This game is fun, complex and only going to get better – but the odd mishmash of polish and crudeness mean GalCiv II is still captain of the fleet.

By micromart.co.uk on 60

Ever since Master Of Orion, the space-based 4X (refering to explore/expand/exploit/exterminate, if you were wondering) strategy game genre has moved into the realms of the unforgiving learning curve, becoming a niche pursuit of the hardcore gamer....

By IGN on 45

StarDrive is a poorly constructed clone of Masters of Orion. Behind its nice alien species graphics, there's little more than a collection of bland, samey gameplay regardless of what race you play as, tedious ship customization, and an AI that seems set to galactic griefer mode.

By GameSpot on 60

However, StarDrive promises more than it delivers, making it feel more like a beta than a finished game. It has great potential, but at this time, it's best to wait until the game is feature-complete.

By Multiplayer IT on 62

L'unico modo per uscire da uno skirmish senza fine, in sostanza, è il modding, elemento decisamente gradito anche se non certo sufficiente per elevare il titolo al di sopra di una magra sufficienza. La speranza, dunque, risiede negli aggiornamenti, ormai parte integrante di questo tipo di pubblicazioni che potrebbero portare StarDrive verso un'auspicabile maturazione.

By TheDigitalFix on 60

StarDrive is worth considering, but don’t expect a highly-polished product or you’ll be disappointed. There’s a real buzz around the game as fervent fans clamour to give their input but whether this momentum will carry on after release date is another matter. We at The Digital Fix will be watching for sure.

By GameSpot on 60

This 4x space strategy game could have been something special, if it were...

By GameInformer on 75

Finally, I ran into my fair share of technical problems, including a couple of crashes, sound cut-outs, and slow-down. That latter problem only showed up once hundreds of ships were active across the largest available galaxy size. Even with its foibles, StarDrive is a rare treat for those with the fortitude to marshal past its rough spots...

By GamesRadar on 50

But when it comes time to get out there and explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate? You’ve played this before, and it was probably better. If you’re simply looking for a new game to dominate the universe in, StarDrive will serve you well enough, but those looking for a new and novel experience will need to set course for elsewhere.

By Overclockers Club on

A word I use sometimes to describe a gameplay experience is 'solid.' What I mean by this is that the experience was well crafted, both in design and implementation. If a game is not solid, then that could imply a number of things. In this case it implies...

By Polygon on 40

I got bored with the lack of objectives beyond simple galactic citizenship or bloodthirsty conquest. Beyond the technical problems — which are significant — in its current state, StarDrive is a collection of neat systems and cool ideas that fail to form a cohesive game.

By StrategyInformer on 65

I’d hesitate to spend the full £24.99 on this game – not right now anyway. Wait for a better discount, or wait until they’ve made some improvements to it. As it stands, there are bigger and better titles to be excited about.

By Strategy Informer on 65

When we first covered StarDrive not too long ago – we said that it had potential but that it needed some work. That’s still the case, unfortunately. At the time of writing, StarDrive is an enjoyable game, a game with potential, but it’s also a game...

International Review By Spieletest on 56

Aktuell wirkt Stardrive neben seiner technischen Probleme eher wie ein Mod-Konstrukt. Es ist zwar an sich spielbar, einige Fehlerbehebungen und zusätzlicher Content werden aber hoffentlich demnächst aus der Community kommen. Dabei hat es für...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Ressourcen müssen herangeschafft und Transportwege erschlossen werden. Doch damit nicht genug. Auch mit dem Design der eigenen Weltraumflotte aus Transportschiffen und Kampfeinheiten hat der Spieler schon genug zu tun - er sitzt erst einmal ratlos vor...