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  • Affordable.
  • Captivating renderings of outer space draw you into the world.
  • Responsive controls feel great.


  • Lacks information within the upgrade system is frustrating.
  • The only goal is to survive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 60

Strike Suit Infinity is a standalone expansion to Strike Suit Zero, Born Ready Games' Kickstarter-funded attempt to resurrect the X-Wing style of space shooter that's been out of fashion for most of the century. The original was a promising but deeply...

By on 80

Strike Suit Zero, from Born Ready Games, was a fair-sized hit early in the year. With decent graphics, frantic trigger happy gameplay and the fact that you're always out-numbered, it went down particularly well with space shooter fanatics. Now Strike...

By GameSpot on 75

Strike Suit Zero cost a comparatively hefty sum for its somewhat brief campaign, but Infinity could take months to master, at a fraction of the cost. It’s unfortunate for strike suit veterans that Infinity isn’t available as an add-on to Zero, but as a stand-alone game, it’s an excellent slice of mech combat presented under the guise of an old-school arcade game; bonus rounds and all.

By IncGamers on 70

Strike Suit Infinity is a simple game, but it works well. In fact I can safely say that I’ve had as much fun in this miniaturised version of the game as I did with the full release. At £4.99 it gives a lot of space-bang for the buck.

By Metro UK on 50

A more immediately enjoyable game than Strike Suit Zero, but although most of the original faults have been addressed they’re still far from eradicated.

By GamingCapacity on 70

To be fair, you get a very good looking arcade space shooter for $7, this is great value for the price. If you need a game for in between, this is it.

By MultiPlayer IT on 78

Strike Suit Infinity prova ad assolvere un duplice compito: spingere giocatori a provare la serie, dando allo stesso tempo nuovi contenuti da assaporare a chi ha sviscerato il gioco base fino in fondo. Tra le due cose, ci sentiamo di dire che riesce maggiormente nella seconda: le ragioni per amarlo sono esattamente le stesse, così come non cambiano i motivi che potrebbero portare a non apprezzarlo.

By GameSpot on 75

Though it lacks refinement in some areas, Strike Suit Infinity provides a better experience than its predecessor at a fraction of the...

By CheatMasters on 70

Finally, the gameplay itself may not be good for those who aren’t fans of this genre. If you don’t like titles like Freelancer, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, or even combat flight simulators like HAWX or Ace Combat, then you will feel that the gameplay in this game gets old rather fast.

By SegmentNext on 85

I feel that they missed out on an opportunity to use Infinity with Strike Suit Zero, by integrating it as another part to the original game. It might sound strange, but imagine if hitting certain goals in Infinity would unlock new ships or weapons on Zero and vice-versa?

By GamingNexus on 80

I feel sort of weird saying this but I can’t really recommend Strike Suit Infinity unless you’ve played the first game, that is unless you really enjoy punitively hard space combat arcade games. Infinity is a sharp, burning digestif, a cap on Strike Suit Zero that offers a purer, harder experience to keep fans of the first game satisfied until some substantial...

By ZTGD on 50

I have a hard time recommending this game to anyone in particular; even at its bargain bin price point. This is one spaceship that would’ve been better left stationed in the far corner of the universe until it was properly prepped and ready for action.

By Gaming Nexus on 80

If you liked Strike Suit Zero, you'll like Strike Suit Infinity, simple as that. It takes all of the mechanics, visuals and sounds from the first game and distills them down into a tight, concentrated arcade mode that will test the skill of even the most...

By GamingTrend on 82

The bottom line, as you might expect, is that this is a visually rich combat simulator that brings a lot of arcade-style pleasure to the table, and it succeeds in strolling a fine line between repetitive and addictive – something that many similar titles aim for and miss. You might lose interest after no more than a few hours or days...

By Destructoid on 75

Strike Suit Infinity is a solid deal, given its lower price point. It doesn't claim to be anything but a wave-based, score-centric space-arcade game, and that works in its favor. The simple design allows the game to focus on its wonderfully satisfying mechanics, even if they aren't communicated very well through the poor tutorial.