The First Templar

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  • Satisfying combat punctuated by brutal finishing moves, Stealth and puzzle sections are welcome diversions, Welldeveloped characters that occasionally utter humorous lines, Twisty level design with lots of alternate routes, Pleasant visual design.


  • Iffy collision detection, A scarcity of items to collect.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameZone on 35

This game tells the story of Celian, a Templar during the Inquisition who is fighting to save his Order from destruction. During his quest, he is joined by Roland, another knight in the Templar Order, and Marie, who is branded a heretic. You have the...

By on 40

The First Templar is not good. Maybe with a bigger team, more time or a bigger budget this could have become something worthwhile, but it feels like an unpolished knock off. The sort of title you’d be disappointed if your parents picked up because...

By PC Advisor on 50

A flat, repetitive experience that fails to excite or offend. Only a handful of decent extra features save The First Templar from utter obscurity....

By GameSpot on 70

The First Templar draws you in with delightful visuals and rhythmic combat, but technical foibles can lessen your...

By Neoseeker on 70

Developer Haemimont Games is most well-known for the excellent simulator Tropico 3, but has a strong history with strategy titles on the PC. The First Templar, then, as a primarily action adventure title, is largely a departure for the team. However,...

By Strategy Informer on 60

If you learn one thing from playing The First Templar, the new action-adventure medieval romp from Haemimont Games, it's that you can find experience points hiding in chests that just happen to be lying around the place. It doesn't show you what it...

By GamePro on 50

Though The First Templar features adequate design and decent replay incentives, uninspired and repetitive gameplay severely limits this button-mashing adventure's appeal. Conspiracy fans and history buffs would do well to look elsewhere.Game Name: The...

International Review By GAMEcore on 50

Fanny har spenderat sommardagar med att bättra på sin tempelriddarkunskap med en tur tillbaka till tempelriddarnas 1200-tal. The First Templar verkar kanske bättre som historielektion än spel, men hon är inte...

International Review By on

Apesar de ser desenvolvido com custos mais baixos do que outros grandes títulos do gênero, a sensação é de que The First Templar poderia ter rendido mais. Os gráficos simples, a jogabilidade fraca e a dificuldade pouco balanceada poderiam até ser...

International Review By Eurogamer on 30

Det er ikke altid, at det er lige logisk eller åbenlyst, hvilke spil der sælger, og hvilke der ikke gør. Det var for eksempel mit indtryk, at Assassin's Creed blev lidt lunkent modtaget, og jeg kunne også godt se, at spillet havde nogle fejl, selvom...

International Review By on 60

The First Templar respekterer kjeldematerialet historia er basert på, men det er ikkje alltid nok. Sjølv om ein kanskje har lyst til å la seg engasjere av det som nok er meint å vere ei mørk og alvorleg historie om ein viktig epoke i vår tid, blir...