The Path of Destinies




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By on 90

Every now and then amidst the bleak end of the world and shooting everything that moves on screen blockbuster games I play, a soft spoken but pleasant surprise brings a much needed blast of colour and hope to my gaming. Stories: The Path of Destinies...

By HardcoreGamer on 60

When you take it for what it is, Stories: The Path of Destinies is a cute, charming isometric action-RPG with a central idea that feels fresh and unique. Despite all of its warts, and there are plenty, it’s still a likable title that does have a slightly addictive quality to it, and that has to speak for something. Clunky combat (that actually manages to showcase what could have been with a bit more speed), technical issues and a by-the-books narrative, however, prevent it from becoming what it had the potential to be.

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on 60

L'action-rpg di Spearhead Games imbastisce fin dalla presentazione uno stile narrativo che ricorda i libri-gioco molto in voga negli anni ottanta. La struttura ricorda infatti una serie di percorsi che si sviluppano solo in base alle scelte del...