The Walking Dead: Season 02 - Episode 3



  • The Walking Dead: Season 02 - Episode 3

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By Strategy Informer on 70

Despite being slightly predictable in places I really enjoyed the story of In Harm's Way and Clementine's key role in it, but it's a bit light on things to actually do. I don't expect huge adventure game sections anymore but I do want to feel like I'm...

By PC Gamer on 80

Telltale's character drama is as strong as ever, but Clementine's boldest dialogue options end up making her more capable than the adults around...

By Cheat Code Central on 98

Without a word, the scene opens up. Clementine stands in front of a tree with a butterfly on it basked in the glow of the setting sun. You have all the time in the world to look around and appreciate the scenery and drink in the simple joy of existing...

By GameZone on

In Harm's Way might have been the most difficult episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead series. Not because of any gameplay mechanics, but because of the decisions I was forced to make along the way. Anyone who's played a Telltale game knows you're...

International Review By Skillpoint on 80

Vid varje nytt avsnitt av Telltales äventyrsspel blir man både överraskad och spänd av förväntan. Det gör inget att grafiken lämnar mycket i övrigt att önska, inte heller att spelmomenten är repetitiva och förutsägbara. Det som gör att man blir spänd...

International Review By on 90

Speaking with friends around a campfire, or fighting zombies to save their lives, humanizes The Walking Dead's cast better than most games characterize their protagonist. My dialogue choices reflect what Clementine and her friends need, rather than what...

International Review By on

Каждый эпизод «Ходячих мертвецов» в изложении Telltale Games — это нечто новое. И дело даже не в самих событиях или героях — меняется антураж, атмосфера, темп происходящего. Если первая серия второго сезона была этакой неспешной вводной, а вторая...