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By on 90

An all but perfect condensation of what makes rhythm action...

By New Game Network on 74

Thumper is a well designed game that's more focused on challenging the players than providing a musical experience. If you're wanting to test your pure reaction times, look no...

By Gaming Age on 80

Rhythm games took a while to come into their own, starting out with a Simon Says model back in the days of PaRappa and Space Channel 5. It'd be fair to say they've even had a few heydays, peaking most recently with the Guitar Hero craze– playing...

By Blogcritics on 90

Thumper is a terrific game blending rhythm, action, breakneck speeds and wild visuals, a must-play game on or off Virtual...

By PC Gamer on 82

A total assault on your ears, eyes and reflexes. Thumper will beat you up, but you'll enjoy...

By VideoGamer on 90

Thumper ReviewA beetle on a journey of rhythm and violenceWhat is Thumper, really?The inclusion of a giant futuristic space head is a confusing one, but does it really matter? Alice has clearly been playing too much Thumper as she tries to work out...

By on

Thumper is one of the most intense games I've ever played, and it's a PlayStation VR launch title. One can play Thumper without VR, and it's still quite good, but in VR? Wow.This isn't a horror game. Thumper isn't VR's best take on the first person...

International Review By on 80

Incarnez un scarabée dans un jeu de rythme effréné avec Thumper, où votre talent et votre patience seront mis à rude épreuve. Que vaut cette production au genre unique du studio Drool ?Il y a certaines productions comme celle-ci qui sont...