Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Double Agent

  • Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Double Agent
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  • Great detailed graphics.
  • Innovative gameplay.
  • Nice plot with variety of climax.


  • The trust system can be irritating at times.
  • Buggy dead bodies (penetrating solid objects for e.g.).

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Pro on 83

It's been a bumper year for games. DirectX 10 might not have offered everything we were promised, but the latest crop of consoles has meant a steady stream of incredible-looking, engrossing games in every imaginable category. Here's our pick of...

By Maximum PC on 80

Longtime readers will know that we’re big fans of the adventures of Sam Fisher. There’s something eminently satisfying about using a combination of stealthy moves, acrobatics, and super-spy gadgets to get into places where you’re not...

By PC Pro on 83

With stunning graphics, excellent voice-acting and solid gameplay, Double Agent has a truly cinematic feel Splinter Cell has been around on various formats and incarnations since 2002, and the basic premise has remained the same - youre secret agent...

By GamePyre on 94

All in all, Splinter Cell Double Agent is one of the best stealth games I’ve played. The graphics look very nice on a high end system, but can be turned down low enough to be played smoothly on a single core processor with a Nvidia 6600. The...

By Tech2 on 50

Being a newcomer to the whole stealth genre, my very first foray into this shadowy word was with Splinter Cell. At first I was pretty bored with the whole moving in the shadows bit, but once I really got into the thick of things, I fell for it hook,...

By TechTree on 80

Sam is back and he is back with a bang. Big title, big platforms, and an even bigger problem. Sam is ready for all the terrorists in the world, but is the world of terrorism ready for him? Read on to find out. Story The game is based around deception...

By on 80

Is Splinter Cell v4.0 just another chip off the old...

By GameZone on 81

Men like Sam arent supposed to exist. And I suppose by and large our own government would never admit to having someone on the payroll who does the things like Sam does, but we know the truth. And that is that there is indeed people like Sam...

By Bjorn3D on 85

Ubisoft is one of my favorite games developer and publisher. After all, they are responsible for bringing us amazing and exciting titles such as the Prince of Persia series, Splinter Cell series, Far Cry, Heroes of Might and Magic V and many more....

By Trusted Reviews on 90

I used to despise Sam Fisher – there, I’ve said it. For years I dismissed him not so much as the poor man’s Solid Snake, but as the spy hero for those who preferred lovely graphics at the expense of decent gameplay. Like everyone, I...

International Review By HardwareMX on

Gráficamente es excelente ya que utiliza el motor grafico Unreal 3 mismo que fue utilizado en Gears Of War para Xbox 360 y próximamente será utilizado en Unreal Tournament 3, aunque también esta mal optimizado para los drivers de...

International Review By on 19

”Splinter Cell: Double Agent” er en værdig efterfølger i ”Splinter Cell” serien, og især den grafiske side af spillet har fået en ordentlig overhaling. Udvalget af dimser og gadgets til din rådighed er...

International Review By Smartson on

Sam Fischer är tillbaka och denna gång står han med ena benet hos de goda och andra benet hos de onda. I Splinter Cell: Double Agent ställs du inför många svåra moraliska...

International Review By on 80

Trots betydande yrkesrisker tenderar hemliga agenter att bli långlivade. Sam Fisher är med Splinter Cell: Double Agent inne på fjärde vändan och även om ålderskrämporna börjar märkas är det ännu inte dags för pension. - Har du läst Tom Clancy?- Du...

International Review By Clubic on 100

Basé sur un scénario intéressant et une solide campagne solo, Splinter Cell Double Agent marque incontestablement des points. Alors que Pandora Tomorrow avait déçu de nombreux joueurs et que Chaos Theory ne faisait que revenir sur le concept du...