Total War: Rome 2

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  • Huge, cinematic battles.
  • Incredibly detailed turn-based and real-time strategy.
  • Improved engine means the most impressive Total War game yet.


  • Some pathfinding issues.
  • The AI is still lacking.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Maximum PC on 60

It didn't take long, but we soon came to a point within our Total War: Rome II empire-building where it would have been much nicer to just build a big wall around our smattering of conquered lands, put up a “Go Away” sign or two, and live out the rest of...

By PC Authority on 50

Creating an epic strategy game, like running a sprawling empire, is no easy task. There's a lot of plates to keep spinning, and in both cases when things get too big to handle a level of collapse is almost inevitable. It's ironic, then, that as The...

By Gaming Nexus on 80

Few games match the immense scale that's provided in the gameplay of Total War: Rome II. The game lives up to series tradition by offering both an addictive campaign mode and massive real-time battles. While the game stumbles with a flawed end of turn...


Creative Assembly's Total War series of strategy games focuses on realistic, cinematic battles. "Total War: Rome II" is one of the most exciting new games for September, as it continues to improve on the franchise formula while making the gameplay more...

By Good Gear Guide on 80

Total War: Rome II is an epic strategy game that's bound to provide hours of enjoyment for an aspiring armchair general. A couple of technical issues stop the game from conquering...

By New Game Network on 78

The foundations of a remarkable strategy game are in place, but inconsistent AI and non-functional multiplayer campaigns make Rome 2 feel like a beta in its current...

By IGN on 88

The setting and gameplay of Total War: Rome II are a perfect match, giving us some of the most satisfying and visually striking tactical battles we've ever seen in video games. The campaign systems are absorbing and full of meaningful decisions that make me feel like I’m in charge of my own victories and defeats.

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Armed with a new engine, Rome II looks great, plays smoothly, and will be a challenge to both veterans and novices. One of the most immersive strategy games available, you can easily get swept up in the narrative you write for yourself, scrawled in the blood of barbarians from one side of Europe to the other, experiencing triumph and disaster as you seek to reenact one of history’s greatest stories.

By GameSpot on 80

For millennia, war has altered the face of the world in which we live. Men could earn their freedom, families could rise to or fall from power, and nations could leave their mark on history. It serves as the dramatic fuel for some of humanity's greatest stories, both fictional and real. Total War: Rome II brings that drama back in a great way.

By GameSpot on 80

The Total War series has always been about the balance between small- and large-scale conflict, and Rome II has taken that philosophy to its logical conclusion. In your quest to conquer Ancient Europe, you groom generals and warlords for command, curb...

By Cheat Code Central on 76

No one can doubt the ambition of Total War: Rome II. Not only is it the long-awaited sequel to a beloved game, but also it's the biggest and boldest Total War to date. Ambition is a double-edged sword, though. While Total War fans will get their fix...

By PCAdvisor on 85

Right now, Rome 2 has its flaws, but is still a sumptuous, slow-burn strategy game with some of the best land battles in the series. Aesthetically, it’s a triumph. Empire management, alliances, the UI and battlefields have all improved, which makes it doubly frustrating to encounter the floppy AI that will be extremely familiar to Total War fans by now.

By EuroGamer on 70

By themselves, none of the things that are wrong with Total War: Rome 2 are that big a deal. If the game itself were an empire, a map upon a wall, we'd note some gains and some losses, glossing over most of the tinier problems because they don't spoil the larger picture. We also might note the stagnation of that empire.

By Joystiq on 70

For these dedicated strategy connoisseurs and Roman history buffs, Creative Assembly has just about crafted the pinnacle work in the art of meaningful detail. Each Ptolemaic temple and Gallic brine distillery reaps some number value for the tactical player, which is in itself a notable benchmark.

By VideoGamer on 80

Rome 2 is a technical behemoth, but at the moment, it’s the little details that are holding it back. Still a great game, but not the masterpiece I was hoping for.

By GamesRadar on 90

If you know what you're getting into, or are at least patient enough to figure out everything on offer, Rome II is a worthy continuation of the franchise and an overdue update to one of the greatest strategy games of all time. It's every bit as vast and absorbing as you've come to expect.

By TheSixThasis on 80

Rome II is a particularly ambitious overhaul of the Total War franchise. It streamlines and touches upon almost every aspect of the turn-based campaign, whilst broadening the scope to include distinct biomes and many contrasting cultures for you to clash with. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive Total War game, and one which has modernised the game’s mechanics.

By DigitalSpy on 80

Regardless, the end result is that Total War: Rome 2 is a thoroughly in-depth and absorbing experience, even by the series' own lofty standards.

By PCGames N on 70

Despite the faults, I’m not going to stop playing. I know I’ll be going back to to my campaigns. In fact, I’ll likely be playing it later today, as I have some stampeding war elephants to send to war. And when they crush the dastardly rebels underfoot, as I know they will, I’ll still get that shiver down my spine, just as I did when I watched Time Commanders almost a decade ago.

By NowGamer on 95

A proud and stalwart march throughout Europe, a Roman holiday with sightseeing and slaughter in equal measure.