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  • Darkly humorous.
  • New era system deals unique city-planning challenge.
  • Great sense of humor that carries throughout.


  • A few minor quest bugs.
  • Merely a refinement of Tropico 4.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCAdvisor on 70

Tropico 5 is perhaps only a gentle departure from previous instalments, but it does enough to pull the series away stagnation. It's a little too forgiving and broad to sate the needs of anyone looking for a truly detailed city simulation, but as a cheerful and colorful good time with plenty to do (for a little while, at least) it's hard to fault.

By Polygon on 65

Tropico 5 succeeded in making me feel powerful, and it enabled me to create a world in my image. But the game so entirely lacks compassion that it made me feel like a bully. There's an undeniable tension between the player, in the role of The Dictator, and the citizens.

By avforums.com on 70

The USSR battleship Secret Plan is ominously hanging around on the shore of my island. My advisor, the ever loyal Penultimo, has told me that this particular ship is carrying nuclear warheads and is planning on levelling my island within the next two...

By IGN on 72

The larger issue is that while Tropico 5 definitely introduces some new challenges and ideas, it's still a dangerously simple city-builder. That's always a threat with this genre: a well-run city doesn't really require much from you. But Tropico doesn't give me enough reasons to keep playing once I've finished the tech tree and reached the end.

By GameSpot on 80

The constant power struggle between the game's various factions--both internal and abroad--creates an ever-changing challenge for you to manage as El Presidente, whether through force or appeasement. And while the rest of the world tears itself apart with World War-this and Cold War-that, the simple-minded Tropicans are there to kick their feet up and take it easy for all us sinners.

By EuroGamer on 70

It works well for now, then, but Tropico 5 is clearly more concerned with introducing new concepts atop the old than it is with overhauling its base mechanics. Looking ahead to the future, this long-running series would benefit from having the fires of revolution lit beneath it.

By HookedGamers on 90

As long as you have the military faction on your side, you can declare martial law in which case you get to have fun suppressing a rebellion with your iron fist. Pulling your island out of such a mess and seeing it thrive again a few months after is as satisfying an experience as ever.

By GamesRadar on 90

I don’t always suggest that series newcomers start with the latest entry, but when I do, I choose Tropico 5. Stay thirsty, my citizens.

By Cheat Code Central on 72

With touchy political subject matter that is completely mocked and music that makes you move in your seat, it's hard not to play Tropico 5 without a smile on your face.

By VentureBeat on 80

Dated graphics and a hopeless multiplayer section damage its overall appeal, but fans of the Tropico series and its competitors won’t be disappointed by the newest offering.

By PCGamer on 78

If you're new to Tropico, don't be put off: this is the version deserving of your vote. But as a returning ruler, I was hoping for more of a revolution.

By Gaming Trend on 70

Game franchises need a release at least every few years in order to stay relevant, but it would certainly be nice to see more fresh ideas in the process. Tropico 5 exists because it needs to, and if you need a Tropico 5 as well, then it’s probably worth your time. If not, it’s probably best to give it a pass.

By Shack News on 70

Tropico 5 might not be everything I hoped it would be, but it definitely has the potential to be something greater. While there might be a few snags, the start of El Presidente's fifth term is looking to be a worthwhile one.

By PC Gamer on 78

Not a dramatic reinvention, but still an enjoyable game of construction, economics and election...

By GameInformer on 85

Tropico 5 is a polished sim game, the only downside being that city development begins to lose its luster because so many of the game modes feel so similar. But if you’re looking for an accessible, fun, and fresh city builder, Tropico 5 is an excellent choice.

By Hardcore Gamer on 60

Until the rest of the game is released in the form of DLC, at least, it’s hard to imagine a good reason to go with Tropico 5 instead of Tropico 4 unless the addition of a tech tree gets you excited.

By Saving Content on 80

There’s enough freshness combined with familiarity that makes this game worth recommending for newcomers, as well returning players. The campaign is progressively exciting and challenging, all while keeping the information you need up-front and easily available. Tropico 5 is the best game the series has to offer.

By PC World on 80

Tropico 5 is the best Tropico yet—but the changes might not be big enough to suck you into yet another Caribbean-themed city...

International Review By almodi.org on

Надоела дождливая Российская погода? Отправляйтесь на собственный остров на Карибах! Добро пожаловать в "Tropico...

International Review By itc.ua on

Яркая рекламная кампания Tropico 5 сослужила игре плохую службу – после запоминающихся роликов и различных обещаний разработчиков от игры ждали гораздо большего, чем она смогла дать. Вместо современного симулятора диктатора Haemimont Games выпустила...