• Unmechanical
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  • Clever, rewarding puzzles.
  • Artistic touches make environments come alive.
  • Has an adventureish feel, despite being a straightforward puzzler.


  • Too easy to lose your way and get confused.
  • Physics can get annoying.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Geek.com on

As more and more people play games on mobile devices, and the hardware driving these portable computers continues to scale, we’re going to see more blurring of the lines between PC and mobile gaming. The most recent example, Unmechanical, manages to...

By CNET Australia on 70

Unmechanical is a pretty and pleasant puzzler, though it doesn't make a lasting...

By Geek.com on

While looking at things like video games, movies, and apps I tend to think that there should be a relationship between price and hours of enjoyment. After doing some math (based loosely on the price of a movie ticket), I determined that an hour of...

International Review By Hifitest.de on

Unmechanical ist für alle Spieler geeignet, die sich von einem außergewöhnlichen Setting ansprechen lassen. Das niedrige Spieltempo, die schön animierte Unterwelt und sphärische Untermalung sorgen für eine Entschleunigung des hektischen Alltags.Jochen...

International Review By GameCaptain on 79

ist ein tadellos spielbares und sympathisch präsentiertes Denkspiel, dessen putzigen Helden man gern beim Lösen seiner abwechslungsreichen Aufgaben begleitet. Leider sind aber auch einige nicht ganz so innovative Rätsel darunter, Knobel-Profis werden...

International Review By Zeitgeist Game Review on

Before I get to the big-budget games that are starting to be released for the fall season already, I wanted to give a quick review for an Indie game I played on Steam last week that put a smile on my face and gave me several hours of funny and cute...

International Review By Gamer.no on 70

Unmechanical er et spennende spill som dessverre er over litt for raskt. Selv om noe av spilletiden forlenges av de vanskeligste gåtene og et noe diffust hjelpesystem, vil det ikke ta mer enn to-tre timer å fullføre. Dette gjør likevel ikke noe da et...