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  • Addictive, challenging, simple, clever, humourous, fresh and a whole lot of fun.


  • Not for everyone and requires a degree of patience to play.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Games Radar on 80

As the captain of an interdimensional craft, you crash your ship, lose your crew, and then get lost yourself. To put it right again, you must explore the collapsing VVVVVV dimension, where you move by upending gravity.VVVVVV is a 2D platformer where...

By IGN Gear on 75

It's easy to recommend VVVVVV to fans of the "retro revival" games that seem to be gaining in popularity; but it has more in common with artsy, competent and contemporary titles like N+ and Braid than it does with, say, Konami's Rebirth series...

By Hooked Gamers on 80

Veridian, Vermilion, Violet, Victoria, Verdigris and Vitellary. Okay, so you may be thinking that I have watched V for Vendetta far too many times. But these six names belong to the crew of a spaceship in the indie title VVVVVV. It may not be the most...

By Gaming Daily on 90

Your aim is to explore and manuver yourself through different sections of the ship to find your five missing crew members. The only controls are left, right and a vertical flip, and with so few options you’d be forgiven for thinking that it would soon...

International Review By megazine.se on

Förra året var starkt på den nedladdningsbara fronten. För egen del var det Super Meat Boy, Limbo och sist men inte minst VVVVVV det handlade om främst och inga andra (nej, nämn inte ens Ilomilo, för det släpptes...

International Review By Digital Living on

Lassen Sie sich von der 80er-Jahre-Klötzchengrafik nicht abschrecken. Das Spiel VVVVVV ist aus dem Jahr 2010 und macht unerwartet viel Spass.Nein, wir haben nicht vergessen, da oben einen richtigen Titel einzufügen. Das Spiel heisst...

International Review By Gamers on 91

Eigentlich stand ich "VVVVVV" skeptisch gegenüber. Wieder nur ein typisches Retrospiel, bei dem mehr Wert auf den Grafikstil als auf das Gameplay gesetzt wird. Doch schon nach kurzem Anspielen stellte ich fest, dass es sich hierbei um das beste...