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  • Beautiful settings and crisp plane detail.
  • Ganging up on rival planes and shooting them down is a lot of fun.
  • Thrilling dogfights.


  • Limited play modes and map variety.
  • Matches grow repetitive over time.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 70

Experience points are tied to each individual plane, so there's incentive to try things out and work your way up each of the five nations' tech trees. There's a disappointing lack of effective choice on offer, though. There's always a ‘correct' upgrade...

By Polygon on 50

More of those aircraft are being added to World of Warplanes all the time. It's a collector's dream. But more than anything, it needs a better camera, and better, more accessible controls - especially for gamepads.

By on 70

This seems pretty common sense to us, but it bears actually writing out. Try World of Warplanes. This fun title wound up sucking us in for more hours than we actually thought it would, and the free-to-play nature means that you're welcome to give it a go...

By IGN on 78

With its appealing graphics, stable servers, huge aircraft inventory, and no-cost entry fee, World of Warplanes is full of opportunities for dogfighting rookies and veterans alike to enjoy the thrill of the aerial kill. Jump in, but watch out for mismatched pilots and trolls who’re there to ruin it for everybody.

By Gaming Nexus on 80

World of Warplanes is easy to learn but hard to master. It offers an easily accessible way to join in online dogfights, but survival is a matter of skill, practice, and experience. In its current state, it is very playable and provides a strong...

By HardcoreGamer on 70

It’s an arcade flyer through-and-through, with only one true mode of play and incredibly undemanding gameplay. It’s successful at being accessible, addictive, pretty, and fun in its own way, however, which should prove enough for the World of Tanks crowd to become addicted all over again.

By PC Gamer on

In time, perhaps new game modes and aircraft types will make it more diverse and interesting, but for now, it's everything it needs to be: a fast, accessible air combat game with no flight-sim baggage to bring you down.

By EuroGamer on 60

World of Warplanes is not bad, but it's not nearly as exciting as World of Tanks. It's a sometimes enjoyable, occasionally tiresome arcade shooter that's forgiving to fly and a challenge to master. Compared to its smart, successful older brother, it's not nearly as sophisticated and, most...

By GameSpot on 70

Ultimately, it's the variety of planes and unlockable goodies available for each aircraft that keep you pushing through the more limited, recycled stretches of this airborne assault freebie. There's room to grow here, but World of Warplanes leaves the runway with a sound foundation intact.

By GameRevolution on 70

That said, it’s an inevitability that this will happen, and at its core WoWP is a very fun, addictive game,that is destined to carve itself out an ardent fanbase.

By Strategy Informer on 65

World of Warplanes is aiming to do exactly what War of Tanks did, but swapping grounded action for that of the aerial variety. With its forbearer attracting 60 million users, it's got a lot to live up to, and Wargaming will be hoping its blend of...

By MMORPG on 85

But I think they are certainly on the right track to making that happen. If you liked World Of Tanks then checking this out when it is released is something you would certainly want to do.

By AusGamers on 80

The game does have a certain je ne sais quoi about it which will make the decision for you, ultimately though, the best I can say is that it's free to play but don't pay until there is a server located in either a Australia or New Zealand.

International Review By on

Wargaming'in World of Tanks'ın ardından piyasaya sunduğu savaş oyunu World of Warplanes , geçtiğimiz Kasım ayı başında tam sürüm olarak piyasaya sürüldü. Wargamin, savaş oyunları konusunda büyük bir açıklığı doldurmaya başladı. Kara üzerinde tanklarla...

International Review By on

Во всем, что касается технической и сервисной части, World of Warplanes на высоте, не придерешься! Теперь бы еще геймплею «Самолетиков» добавить «оборотов»… Пытаясь «угодить всем и вся», разработчики ввели престранный, мягко говоря, баланс летных...

International Review By on 80

Покой нам только снится Звено на сумасшедшей скорости пикирует вниз. Суматошное движение в полукилометре под нами вызывает приятные мысли о паникующем противнике. Гашетка зажата, пули насквозь прошивают один из самолётов противника. «Первый сбит», —...

International Review By Level 7 on 60

Utvecklarna Wargaming (som Level 7 har intervjuat nyligen) har varit på frontlinjen när det gäller free-to-play ett bra tag tack vare World of Tanks. Nu har de bytt ut stridsvagnar mot flygplan. Det gäller återigen att spela för att bli bättre, samla...

International Review By on 78

World of Warplanes won't turn you into the next Chuck Yeager, but it will give you an insight into the real draw of flight sims: outmaneuvering and shooting down enemy planes is enormously satisfying. And when live human opponents are piloting those...

International Review By on

«Выжить любой ценой и победить!» — девиз каждого настоящего летчика Навык под названием «Ветеран» помогает пилоту лучше управлять поврежденным самолетом Название игры: World of Warplanes Жанр: Action, MMO Разработчик: Persha Studia Издатель: Wargaming...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Das Prinzip hinter dem Free-to-Play-Spiel World of Warplanes lässt sich als „ World of Tanks mit Flugzeugen “ perfekt umschreiben und benennt bereits fast alle wichtigen Änderungen. Die weiteren, wesentlichen Neuerungen: Geschossen wird meist schon...